New Year, Same Story

by James Glaser
January 1, 2003

As we start this new year every thing is the same. We are still in a war with Terrorism, but we still are not attacking the Terrorists. America is trying to secure "Our" oil from Iraq, Venezuela, and Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and a couple of other countries have signed a deal to put in a pipe line just like the one the Taliban refused to do. We are still trying to change regimes in Venezuela as we want somebody there that will play ball with us. Iraq is still sitting on that lake of oil we want.

Terrorists? Oh yeah, Osama bin Laden is still out there as well as most of his al Qaeda staff. Seems I remember some guy called, Mulla Omar, a one eyed Afgan that rides a motorcycle and is on our hit list. American soldiers are still getting killed and wounded in our war in Afghanistan, but we can be proud that the poppy crop there is up 1000%.

The countries that the terrorists came from have been left alone because those countries are our friends. We are pretty sick, when we know who attacked us and we don't even do any thing about it. Nineteen terrorists, killed 3,000 Americans and we know they came from Saudi Araba and Egypt and we give them a Pass.

The whole world other than the American Citizen, knows what we are doing. My mechanic in Northome told me we should just be honest and tell the world we are taking Iraqs oil, but we will treat the Iraqi people better than Saddam does. That would be honest.

No one in the rest of the world believes the BS coming out of Washington about how we are saving the world from the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq has. Also the rest of the world knows if Saddam has these weapons it is because the United States gave them to him.

The Average American still believes that this world is filled with Good and Evil. We are the good and who ever we don't like is there for evil. Isn't it simple? The only problem is that the rest of the world doesn't see the world the way we do and they are starting to think we are not as good as we would like them to believe.

We have two more years of George and we will have to see just where he takes us. I pray for all the innocent people George Bush has had killed in his attack of Afghanistan. I pray we don't attack Iraq and kill thousands more innocent people. Remember Afghanistan and Iraq have never attacked America.

If we were a honest country we would tell the world, we just know God put that oil on this planet for us.

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