Honesty, Secrets, and Lies

by James Glaser
January 2, 2003

Growing up I always assumed that people in our Government told us the truth about everything. As a child I never had to wonder if there were two meanings to what the President had to say.

We, The United States of America were sending our troops across the sea to help the poor people of some small country that had asked for our help, period. That was the truth because the President said that it was. I didn't know, I never even thought about secrets and lies. I thought America, all of us were a team working together to make the world a better place.

Even as that child I could see that things were wrong, like the way black people were treated and how poor people had such hard lives, but there was the Civil Rights Movement to bring about equality and welfare programs to give a hand to those that needed it. America was moving in the right direction even if it was pretty slow.

Oh how I wish I still had that same trust in our government and those that we elect. I no longer feel like I am part of the team, nor is there any chance that I can become a member again. Now I feel like those in Washington are working against the average American Citizen and that they feel superior to the rest of us

No longer do I trust what is said by the President. Years of being lied to has done that. It isn't just George Bush, but every President lies to America and I can't figure out why. It is, I would have to guess, a lack of trust on the President's part. Little do these men know that most Americans would follow their lead through thick and thin if only they were told the truth about decisions made in their name.

I am sure that George Bush believes he has some real valid reasons for wanting to attack Iraq, but he won't tell us. President Bush makes up lies and bull shits about weapons of mass destruction and how Iraq is going to attack America. He talks about nonexistent Atomic Energy Agency reports that were never published. The President talks about Saddam giving chemical weapons to al Qaeda, but no one else has ever heard of this. The guy just looks right at us and lies.

I could understand Bill Clinton looking right at every American and saying "I never had sexual relations with that woman," heck Hillary was right there, what would you expect? The guy lied like a rug, same with the first Bush, not only on taxes, but Iraqi troops massed on the Saudi Border, That first George Bush even had fake satellite photos that looked real, until some one else came up with new photos and the troops were not there. They must of had a Klingon Cloaking device.

This is where Secrets come in to play. Now our current George Bush has decided that no American will ever get to look at any past Presidential Papers until way after these past Presidents die. In fact their families will be able to block the American people from seeing them even if the guy is dead. These papers will tell the American people just how much these guys lie and would that be embarrassing or what?

So here is the deal in America today. Presidents and their staff think they have to lie to us to get things done. Presidents and their staff no longer trust the American people. Our tax dollars pay for everything our government does, but we do not have the right to find out in our life times what really happened, because it might embarrass those in power to be found out as liars.

Many in America today believe that America has lost its morality. Those same people will put the blame for this on Hollywood, drugs, sex, or the single parent family, however they fail to even look at the leadership of this country and see the example that has been set for the American people, by those in power.

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