Grasping At Straws

by James Glaser
January 7, 2003

Really now do any of you think that Saddam Hussein is going to launch a military attack on the United states? Well George Bush thinks that is now a possibility. In fact George said this last week, "An attack from Saddam Hussein or a surrogate of Saddam Hussein would cripple our economy."

Many think our economy is at best in the limping stage right now and Saddam hasn't done anything, so maybe George could be right. That is, if Iraq had any chance of attacking us. The last Gulf War almost destroyed Iraq's military and they only spend one half of one percent of the amount we do on defense. After months of talking about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, George is looking for anything that will make his need for this war sound valid.

UN inspectors have had unfettered access in Iraq for weeks and nothing has been found that would lead the world into an attack on Iraq. President Bush has sighted reports from the Atomic Energy Commission, reports that never existed and there was that report by Bush claiming a Saddam/al Qaeda chemical weapons program. The only problem with that one was only the White House had heard of it.

Still if you look at the argument that an attack by Saddam could cripple America's economy, who could fault George for attacking. It could happen, Just because Saddam has never threatened an attack nor has he ever attacked America in the past, is beside the point, it could happen and therefore with the new Bush Doctrine, America has the right to kill as many Iraqis as we want.

Things just haven't been going the way George Bush would like with military issues. America's Missile Defense System is now under attack by leading scientists who claim that the test results were falsified. This after George ordered an operational deployment that will cost Billions.

Then there is all of the corruption at the Los Alamos Laboratories, where computer hard drives containing the plans for nuclear weapons keep disappearing and reappearing behind the copy machine and rampant theft is reported as a way of life at the facility. Almost three million dollars in equipment is missing including 263 computers that could contain classified material. Both Director John Brown and Deputy director Joseph Salgado have quit their positions

It is hard being a popular Commander in Chief and not having a real war to fight. Terrorists don't have a country to attack and really it looks like that Afghanistan thing might just become a quagmire that will suck troops and money for years. What America needs is a real honest, cut and dried victory and that is what Iraq was supposed to be. That damn UN screwed that up with inspections when we should have won by now.

Now North Korea has to start mucking things up with their announcement of a nuclear weapons program and they have now kicked the UN inspectors right out of their country. Does that look bad or what. Saddam is doing everything he can to appease the US and the UN and Kim Jong-il goes and turns hard ass and is just ruining everything.

In fact Kim has called George's bluff about being an Axis of Evil Country and George had to blink first. North Korea has "The Bomb" and chemical and biological weapons and a million top rate troops just waiting for George to make a move. Kim is nobodys fool and has over ten thousand artillery weapons targeted on Seoul, the capital of South Korea. George doesn't really want a war, but a victory. Much like his father before him, George 2 only wants a sure thing.

That is why under the Bushs' foreign policy, America has kept its wars to third rate countries like Panama and Iraq. Little countries with little armies are what both Georges have gone for. That is why after the terrorist attack of September 11 Afghanistan popped into George W. Bush's mind. No other country on this earth had a more pitiful army than Afghanistan and that was a sure victory. Too bad our President didn't read history or he would have seen that the Soviet Union thought the same thing about Afghanistan.

Then last month we were so close to having Saddam, George just knew that those Scud missiles were headed to Iraq. We and the Spanish caught them red handed on the high seas. Every thing was going perfect, but the So San was a North Korean ship. But no it wasn't Iraq, but our partner in our war on terrorism, Yemen was buying them from yes, North Korea and there wasn't a thing we could do about it. How frustrating!

Then there is that Homeland Security fiasco with the five suspects coming to America through Canada, to do evil things. Great coverage on every national news program and then that wretched Pakistani jeweler had to show up and say that he was one of those guys and he had never been to Canada or the USA. Finally Homeland Security had an alert that wasn't colored and they had to go and screw it up. On top of this, now FBI agents are telling America that many of the colored alerts were put out on phony information just to heighten anxiety about terrorism and maybe help with the election. Just who do those guys think is paying them?

So George Bush, the current George Bush is looking for anything to get some sort of war going, but not with North Korea. Daddy always said, keep those wars small, pick on the little guy. In the next few weeks look for the BIG LIE, it is coming, but with the way thing have been going for George it might just be hard to spot.

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