One War At A Time

by James Glaser
January 9, 2003

The other day Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfled, was telling all that would listen that America could fight two wars at one time, talking about Iraq and North Korea. This is the same guy that told the press that weapons inspections in Iraq wouldn't work because Iraq is so big, "bigger than Texas" he said. This guy is in charge of our military and he doesn't even know how big the country is we are thinking of attacking. Iraq is more than 15,000 square miles smaller than Texas.

Also the guy has no idea of how many wars we are in right now. First there is the War in Afghanistan and second the War on Terrorism. So it looks to me like Iraq and North Korea would be third and fourth.

Troops are still getting killed and wounded in Afghanistan and I wonder what the heck happened to Osama bin Laden and Mulla Omar. I think there was the talk of "dead or alive". Never did I hear anyone say we were giving them a pass, but that is the way it looks now.

We can handle two wars, so how to you decide which ones to do? The War Lords in Afghanistan are back in power and the drug lords are having record breaking profits with an American puppet in charge. We found the only Afghan oil executive in the world, Hamid Karzai and made him president. But he only rules one city, Kabul while the rest of the country is divided up between warlords.

Poppy growing and opium production are up over 1,000 %. So maybe we will have to dove tail our other war, #5, the War on Drugs, with Number #1 the War in Afghanistan. It does get confusing, kind of like the warning colors that Homeland Security has for potential terrorist attacks here in the homeland. If there is another attack I guess we would make that War #6.

We have had progress in Afghanistan though. Hamid Karzai has met with the Dictator in Pakistan and the war lord in charge of Turkmenistan and figured out how they would divide up the profits from the $3.2 Billion Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, that had nothing to do with the war.

After the terrorist attacks on September 11th by those terrorists from Saudi Arabia and Egypt it was just a natural that we would go to war with Afghanistan as a revenge thing. I can see it and just because those Taliban came to Texas and turned that pipeline deal down, you should not jump to conclusions. America would never mix war, with business and it is very unpatriotic of you to think that.

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