The World's War Lord

by James Glaser
January 21, 2003

No one can doubt that America is the most powerful and richest country in the history of this planet. We have armies and equipment all over this globe. We don't just send our troops to some foreign land, no, we build whole cities with housing, stores, hospitals, and churches so that our troops can live in a little piece of America that we build for them in these foreign countries.

On every ocean, America has aircraft carriers and their battle groups. Each one of these battle groups sailing the seas show our flag, cost billions, and have thousands of sailors. These sailors sail from port to port and stop at each for some "liberty" time. Can you even imagine how much money can be spent in a few days by ten thousand sailors that have been sitting on board a ship for weeks on end. The fleet coming in to a port for a few days can dump millions of American dollars into that local economy. Many countries with deep water ports tailor their whole commercial district just for American sailors and the money they bring with them.

Bars, whore houses, jewelry stores and little shops that sell anything from liquor to drugs. A whole economy based on the time off of American Sailors. Those countries not only see the opportunity that this stop by the fleet makes, but also see, that most likely this one fleet represents more firepower and military might than their countries total armed forces.

That is why we have these fleets sailing around the globe. America is "strutting" around this earth and these battle groups are our modern day "big stick." Also with these fleets any permanent bases can be reinforced very quickly. We are today, closer than any other nation in history, to having total control of this world.

What is that doing for the Citizens of the United States back in the "homeland?" With this new military budget we are now spending about 700,000.00 dollars a minute. That is every minute of every day, 365 days a year. This year it is 396, dollars.

While every other industrial country has universal health care for their citizens, here in America that is too expensive for us to do. Why is that? Every Middle Class American works from January 1st to sometime in May just to pay their share of the taxes each year. The upkeep on America's infrastructure has fallen way behind and just why is that? Every school district is crying for more money and medical research competes for funds. "Empire" is expensive.

These troops over seas that we support with tax money have swelled to hundreds of thousands today, with the Iraq buildup. Other than terrorism there is no one that is about to attack us. No nation on this globe can even think about making a military strike on the United States without knowing their country will be devastated.

We have one real enemy today and that is the terrorist. With our forces all over the globe supporting governments that oppress their people, we are making more reasons for which terrorists can recruit new members. For every foreign businessman that our troops make rich there are many other people in that country that learn to hate us. Just think how you would feel with foreign troops living in your town. We have become an occupying force the world over and that builds up a lot of hate.

According to the Center for Defense Information, "Global military spending has declined from 1.2 trillion in 1985 to 809 billion in 1999. During that time the US share of total military spending rose from 31% to 36% in fiscal year 1999." With today's spending we may have broken 40%.

The United States of America sells more military weapons to third world countries than any other country in the world. If they don't have the money, we loan it to them. If they act like we want, we give the arms to them. We are now the WAR LORD of the world.

This isn't a joke or even funny. America now has the potential to bring more death and destruction to this earth than any nation in history and still we claim to be a Christian nation. And just how many wars did Jesus start and how many people did he kill while down here living with us?

We as a nation better start thinking about the fact that you reap what you sow.

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