We Have A Time Table Here People

by James Glaser
January 23, 2003

Everyone is wondering what the rush is. Why is George Bush so pushy about this war and its starting date? Well I'll tell you why. We have over a hundred thousand troops in the field, hundreds of planes, and every aircraft carrier we own. These men and women are at a fever pitch to go to war. George was at Fort Hood a few weeks ago, telling the troops that what they were about to do was "Just and Good" for America.

These troops are thinking that this attack will be saving their children's lives because the President has told them that Saddam is so evil and he is about to drop the big one at any moment. So these units are ready to rock and roll. It is hard to keep a force at this peak of readiness and if we wait too long they will lose that edge. Now those Arab countries are starting to talk about a non-war way of getting rid of Saddam called exile and that does not sound "manful" at all.

For years America and now George Bush have been telling the world that Saddam Hussein is the most evil man since Adolph Hitler. There is not a crime that this despot and his top staff have not committed. Now there is talk of immunity and a nice retirement for Saddam and his cronies. Well George and his staff know that justice would be better served if we could just kill all of these evil men and if a few thousand Iraqis die in the process, well, that would be a shame.

Beside that, George thinks we might just lose the element of surprise if we wait any longer. Remember George is not like a real Commander in Chief. Up until now most Presidents have listened to their top military officials, but George doesn't do that. Americas military commanders past and present don't like this war, but what do they know. George has a better way of judging if it is time for another war and that is the Poll Method.

The Poll numbers of his approval rating start to drop and it is time for another war. So simple and clean. No inspections needed, no Security Council to vote, and now no Congress to listen to. What a stroke of genius to get Congress to give up their power to decide if we go to war or not. You know if Daddy Bush had one more war in him he would have had that second term.

There is another reason we need this war, have you looked at the crude oil prices lately? This has got to stop right now, the American economy is at stake here and if we have to kill a few thousand Iraqis, well the American economy is what elects Presidents, that and War. It is hard to tell today which is more important to have a Good War or a Good Economy. Heck America can have both if they just listen to George Bush.

Some people say America will lose the respect of other nations if we start this war without their approval and in the future we will lose those other nation's cooperation.

Well wake up here people, what we are going for is Empire, War Lord of the World, Pax Americana, whatever you want to call it. We won't need these other countries because we are the Top Dog now and we will be after this little war. Remember we are going for that "Thousand Year" thing.

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