Even The Men Of God Say War With Iraq Is Wrong

by James Glaser
February 5, 2003

George Bush is constantly stating that any war with Iraq will be a Just War. The term "Just War" comes from the Just War Doctrine as first enunciated by Saint Augustine of Hippo and later on by Saint Thomas Aquinas. Both of these men are from the Catholic Church and George Bush is not a Catholic, but he feels qualified to interpret Catholic Church teachings. Well sorry George, but the Pope, the man in charge of all the teachings of that church has come out in public and said that any war now with Iraq would not fit the definition of a Just War. Nice try though.

Bishop Frank T. Griswold, the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, and the head of the First President Bush's church, has said that Americans have generous hearts, but that spirit also must be reflected in the nation's actions. Griswold, who opposes the current President's military buildup near Iraq, has told both Presidents Bush, "We are loathed and I think the world has every right to loathe us, because they see us as greedy, self-interested and almost totally unconcerned about poverty, disease and suffering."

Now remember Bishop Griswold is a man of God, but even he has problems because of America's foreign policies. He went on to state, "I'd like to be able to go somewhere in the world and not have to apologize for being from the United States." The world does not like what America is becoming on this world stage and it hurts every American, even church leaders.

From the United Church of Christ to the Canadian Conference of Bishops, more and more church leaders are coming out against George Bush's War.

"Military action against Iraq is inappropriate." Says the United Methodist Church and the Church of England.

The United States Council of Churches and the US Conference of Bishops have stated their opposition to George Bush's War and so have 14 other church leaders in Canada. Hundreds of Pastors from the United States have joined their voices in opposition to this war on Iraq.

Now George Bush wants it both ways. He wants to be a Christian and start giving tax money to "faith based" groups, but he wants total separation from church teachings when it comes to American foreign policy. He will grab at Catholic Just War Doctrine, because he thinks it gives him cover, but will not listen to just about every Christian leader when they say his policies are wrong.

So George Bush can be a Christian during campaigns and at photo shoots. He can wave at the camera as he walks into church and when the time comes he can tell God that this war was different and killing Iraqis was OK. In fact he can tell God that the President of the United States can kill anyone he wants, if they threaten his nation and God can't do a thing about it. Yes, George Bush will see then just how powerful the Office of the President is.

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