We Are The War Nation Of The World

by James Glaser
February 12, 2003

By this time next year America will be able to say that we spend more on WAR materials than the rest of the world combined. Even without the money we will spend in Iraq and Afghanistan, America will be spending four hundred thousand million dollars ( that is another way of saying four hundred billion dollars) on weapons and personal, built and trained to kill other people. Chokes you up huh?

Without a doubt, from now on America will be fighting nations that are using our own weapons against us. That is because we sell and give away more weapons to third world nations that any one else. We can give away weapons because our tax payers are nice enough to pay for them. Yes, the arms merchants still make their profit. Many in America are making a lot of money off the death and destruction of other people. Makes you proud huh!

No longer should we be talking about the Department of Defense as we have gone way past defense and we are now the most offensive nation in history. No body ever has amassed the killing power of the United States of America. In fact, no nation has come close. We can now take on the world if that is what we want.

America has made this world unsafe to live in and we are reaping what we have sown. Billions of people hate us and billions more fear us. Countries that have worked with us for the last half century are now starting to balk and maybe they are thinking, "we stop the USA now or never." Just this week Germany, France, and Brussels have blocked Americas attempt to use NATO in the war with Iraq. These nations know that we saved them in WW 2 but their fear of war and the American push for that war makes them think in a new way.

September 11th was just a little attack when you compare it to any war. Three thousand deaths is nothing when you compare it to the millions that died in Europe in World War 2 or the hundred and fifty thousand that were killed in the last Gulf War.

Americans, other than combat veterans, really have no concept of what war is and that is why Donald Rumsfled, our Secretary of Defense, can call Germany names and compare them to Libya and Cuba. Donald Rumsfeld has never been to war, so he has no idea of what those Germans his age have seen. Donald Rumsfeld, doesn't know what he is talking about and the rest of the world knows it.

Our Secretary of Defense is about 70 years old, the President is in his 50s and I think Colin Powell is in his 60s, so these guys can spend us into the poor house and be dead by the time the payment comes due. This military buildup will be paid for by our grandchildren.

Our nation can't keep spending like George Bush wants and expect to stay on top. Oh, sure we can keep printing dollars for a long time yet, but some day it is all going to come to a head and life in a America will become miserable. Except that is, for the families that get real rich off of our killings.

Today our nation has been put on condition ORANGE. This is a state of warning about terrorist attacks. This is the highest state of alert we can be in before an actual attack comes. Today the White House has told America that this upgrade in our warning system (we were in YELLOW) was not due to any one threat, but they thought it was a good time to raise the alert status of America because of so many general warnings about possible attacks. The Secretary of Homeland Security has told Americans to go out and buy "Duct Tape" and rolls of plastic in order to seal their homes from potential chemical and biological attacks.

Does this tell you how way out in "fairy land" our leaders are? In a gas attack Americans will not be able to save their families with Duct Tape and plastic. This doesn't make any sense at all, but it will placate many in the War Party that want so much for Americans to become part of this War Effort.

So for a few more years the American citizen will be safe, have no knowledge of the horror their government is delivering to innocent people around the globe, and we will have little attack kits with tape, water, and food to make us feel safe from evil terrorists as we rain down tons of explosives on poor people in the Third World.

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