TESTOSTERONE—Either They Are Shooting Or Snorting It

by James Glaser
February 17, 2003

Nothing scientific here, but I do believe that George, Colin, and Donald are all strung out on testosterone. Dick would be too, except for his heart thing.

I spotted it right away when Colin Powell started to speak at the United Nations this week. He threw away his prepared speech, started rambling off the cuff, and you could see it in his eyes. Colin wanted to kill that French guy or somebody else, anybody, maybe some Iraqi kids would do the trick.

George might just be the first President with a deviated septum. I don't know for sure, but all of these guys in our Executive Branch want to go out and kill people. Women, children, or even infants, it doesn't matter to them. Just like it has never mattered to any one starting a war, because the innocent are the people that get killed in every war.

Lets face it, nobody in the White House other than Colin Powell had the guts to go to war when their chance came, so it would seem plausible that these guys have taken something to give them this need for war now. These guys don't want to defend America, on the contrary they have left America's borders wide open and all the tough talk of getting Osama bin Laden, "dead or alive" are a thing of the past. In fact Osama is never even mentioned by George any more. The War on Terrorism it has been decided, no longer will raise George Bush's poll numbers.

Colin Powell has been in favor of killing women and children for years. In fact in his autobiography he talks about destroying the food supply and homes of villagers. "We burned the thatched huts, starting the blaze with Ronson and Zippo lighters....Ho Chi Minh had said people were like the sea in which his guerillas swam. We tried to solve the problem by making the whole sea uninhabitable. In the hard logic of war, what difference does it make if you shoot your enemy or starve him to death?"

It makes a lot of difference Secretary Powell, because when you shoot someone you have some sort of control over who is shot. When you starve a whole population you are killing the enemy along with innocent children and infants. It has been reported that Iraq's population is 42% children.

Equating those children with combatants is at the very heart of "The Powell Doctrine" which recommends using overwhelming force on the enemy, regardless of civilian casualties. We can see that in our last war in Afghanistan. Civilian deaths were not even counted, even though thousands died. We only learned of them from international organizations that investigated. As far as our government is concerned, civilian deaths are "unfortunate."

If you spent the time and listened to this last round of speeches at the UN after Dr. Hans Blix gave his report you could hear it in the tone of their voices. Only the United States, Great Briton, and Spain wanted to go to war right now and each of their representives voices were hard and angry, while everyone else spoke of hope for a peaceful solution and their voices sounded almost serene.

I have been to war and know how combat can take over your whole mind and body. It is an adrenaline rush like no other. I didn't think that those way in the rear could get that rush, but George, Colin, and Donald must think you can.

I can only hope that these men will get into some sort of treatment program and that they can get off this testosterone habit before they kill more innocent people.

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