George's Mercenary Army

by James Glaser
February 19, 2003

I don't want any of you people to think for one moment that you and I are not paying lots of tax dollars to the countries that say they will help us in our War on Iraq. George Bush might say he has no argument with the Iraqi people and he is only after Saddam, but he is more than willing to kill and maim tens of thousands of the Iraqi people on his way to getting Saddam.

If George is trying to "liberate" the Iraqi people, I would just like to say, liberated and dead is not a good thing. The White House by their actions, are telling the world that America has a lust for war. Even if that is not true, that is the message they are sending.

The White House will tout the fact that Iraq's neighbors have let us put our troops in their countries. Well it is time to wake up to the fact that we are building a lot of international class airports for these nations, plus many fine military bases that they will be able to take over after we leave. They will need these bases for all the military supplies we are bribing them with.

On Tuesday the Parliament of Turkey was supposed to vote on whether they would allow thousands of American troops to stage in their country. Washington thought they had a done deal. Well Monday night Turkey gave us a new proposal for a bigger aid package. This one nearly doubles the Multibillion dollar package Washington had offered. It is now said this new package for this one country will top 30 billion!

Have you read about all of those European countries that have backed Bush now? Think about this, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Denmark, Estonia, and Bulgaria all put together are not much of a military power. None of them has been a power for centuries if ever. Plus the fact is they will not be sending any combat troops to help us nor will they be sending money, that is a one way street.

Our Bag Man, Secretary Powell has been around with the check book buying these countries backing. This isn't anything new, this is how it works now. America is the Top Dog now and every country is looking for their handout. Remember, in just about every one of these countries the population is against this war in real high numbers. We pay above and below the table and that is why foreign politicians can go against their populations wishes. America has taken care of them.

It wasn't that long ago that we were buying the War Criminals, oh sorry, the War Lords in Afghanistan. Saddam was our paid War Lord for years in his neighborhood and his problem is, he decided he no longer needed our money and went off on his own. America does not allow that. Remember, it was OK for Saddam to have Weapons of Mass Destruction when he was doing our bidding.

So now George Bush can run around the country and tell people about all the countries backing us, but he won't tell us about what it is costing. In fact he just might tell us during the next election, that the money we spent for our Mercenary Army was actually Foreign Aid to help these countries. You know George is so Compassionate.

Our Government today does not see any problem with our nation giving billions of aid to foreign governments in the form of weapons. America is the Merchant of Death today. We just armed Poland to the teeth with Jet fighters and all the accessories. Good move George, just what the poor people in Poland need.

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