How Many Remember Our Bombing Of Moscow?

by James Glaser
February 20, 2003

George Bush's "Axis of Evil" was just a rip off of Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire" metaphor. When Ronald came up with that, the Soviet Union was the worst Dictatorship in the world.

Today George Bush would have us believe that Saddam Hussein has the most Evil dictatorship in the world today. No doubt Saddam is a scum bag, but one could debate if he is the most evil or maybe just one of the top four or five. The world today is filled with bad men in powerful positions. I would nominate another real veteran in Colonel Gadafy and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is no slouch either.

Who could ever forget America's favorite dictator, General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan. He has everything going for him to be "Top Dictator" and makes Saddam seem well, almost benevolent. Saddam is out building the Mother of all Mosques and lots of family desert homes, while Musharraf is counting his nuclear weapons pointed at India, writing his own Constitution after he ripped up Pakistans, having parties with his old Taliban friends and giving Osama bin Laden a safe house.

What about Kim Jong il of North Korea? This guy has his people eating grass. Dictator all the way with his nukes and about eleven thousand artillery pieces pointed at Seoul. He has pulled out of the Nuclear Club and now wants to end the fifty year truce with the United States and South Korea.

Lets face it, Saddam is really just a piker when compared to Kim and Pervez Musharraf. However he does have a big lake of oil and he did the unthinkable. Saddam failed to obey a United Nations Resolution. I know you were about to say, what about Israel? Well you have to remember Israel can do no wrong. Even with Ariel Sharon up on War Crimes charges in Europe, the destroying of hundreds of homes on the West Bank, the taking of land, and the killing of hundreds of children, they are still the Chosen People and America has to back them, hidden nuclear bombs and all. Israel is a subject the world is not allowed to bring up and all those resolutions they have snubbed, were just plain Evil and Mean and America will not even think about them. Case closed, besides that, all the stuff about Israel is Top Secret, so we can't talk about it.

So we are stuck with Iraq and Saddam and we are going to bring them freedom even if we have to bomb them back to the stone age to do it. This will be Americas good deed for 2003. Just like we bombed Moscow into submission and liberation, we will now do the same to Baghdad.

I would tell you more about the bombing of the Soviet Union, but yes, you are right, all that history is Secret too.

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