Now We Know Why We Couldn't See It

by James Glaser
February 26, 2003

In a Sunday Herald investigation we find out just why Washington wanted to keep secret 8,000 pages of Saddam Hussein's 12,000 page report to the United Nations. "The Security Council agreed to US requests to censor 8,000 pages-- including sections naming western businesses which aided Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programme."

They go on to state "The five permanent members of the Security Council--- Britain, France, Russia, America, and China--- are named as allowing companies to sell weapons technology to Iraq. That is right, we sold the know how to Saddam and now we want it back.

America continues to sell weapons and technology to the third world, in fact America sells more than any other country and now it is coming back to haunt us.

Twenty four American companies sold out our country to Iraq. Hewlett-Packard sold nuclear and rocket technology, Dupont sold nuclear technology, and Eastman Kodak sold rocket capabilities. This report also says that fifty subsidiaries of foreign enterprises conducted their arms business with Iraq from the US. No wonder we have been kept in the dark about this report

In Great Britain the companies involved could face prosecution, however in America if that happened some in the White House could be going to trial. So what do you think the chances of that happening here are?

In this report it claims that our own Department of Defense, Energy, and Agriculture and the Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, supplied Iraq with WMD technology."

It is such a shame that reports like this can be found on the web coming from Great Britain, but here in the "land of the free" we are kept in the dark. We were told by the Bush Administration that those pages would be kept secret so that terrorists and rogue nations would not learn how to make weapons of mass destruction. Here is just another example of Washington lying to you and me. Washington didn't want us to see how American Corporations will put money ahead of our national interests.

Americans have to realize that these corporations are no longer "American" and that they will sell us out to get a big contract and it makes no difference to them if they are selling to a nation like Spain, that is our ally or to Iraq, who is not. International corporations are feeding off who ever has the money and there are no flags involved any more.

At the end of this article the 17 British firms that armed Saddam with weapons are listed for their whole nation to see. That is because Britain is still a free nation, with a free press. Here in America, where Washington stamps everything it can with SECRET, the chances of our finding out which American companies have sold us out are slim, unless some foreign press mentions them.

In America today things are kept secret, not for National Defense, nor for any legal reasons, but because it might embarrass those in power and that could lose them votes. It does not matter any more which party is in charge. The only thing in America that matters today is that the party in charge can retain power. To do that, they will subvert any thing, from the right of free speech to the right of privacy or any other of the Constitutional freedoms we hold dear.

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