America's Leaders Are Starting To Frighten Me

by James Glaser
March 3, 2003

No I am not talking about George Bush, who I personally believe is very sick man, no I am talking about some members of Congress. I know I shouldn't do it, but this Sunday I watched the Sunday morning "news" programs. These programs I believe are the propaganda arm of Washington and were created to inform the American citizen about whatever Washington is pushing that particular day.

Well yesterday nobody wanted to talk about the vote by Turkey that will keep 62,000 American troops from starting a northern front in our war with Iraq. Everyone said it wasn't that big of a deal and that there would be another vote on Tuesday. Senator John Warner stressed that we had already thought of other plans and he was pretty sure this new vote would let the troops back in. The New York times has an article on the same day saying there would not be another vote. So who really knows.

What we do know is that we offered to lay out 32,000 piles of money for Turkey and in each of these 32,000 piles we would place one million dollars. Turkey said that was not enough to buy them. That is a big deal. Washington keeps telling us this war will cost less than 100 billion, but we were willing to give Turkey almost a third? Every country that has been willing to say yes to George Bush's War has been paid something, so I believe that we should be told just what we are spending even before the war starts.

The reason that those "leaders" from Washington could say that the vote in Turkey was not that big of a deal was because Pakistan captured Khald Shaikh Mohammed the man they claim directed the September 11th terrorist attack on America. To tell you the truth I had never heard of this guy until now, but they are saying he is number three in al Qaeda. It always amazes me that they can constantly come up with a better story whenever Washington has a set back. These guys were watching Bill Clinton and taking notes.

Now here is what really tees me off with our leaders. On one program they interviewed Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, who is the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. When Senator Roberts was talking about this capture of the terrorist in Pakistan he said that General Musharraf (President of Pakistan) was a real hero.

General Pervez Musharraf is President of Pakistan because he lead a military coup to take over Pakistan's Democratic government. After taking power he ripped up the country's Constitution, dissolved Parliament, and is now personally writing his own Constitution for the country. The man is every bit as big of a thug and murderer that Saddam Hussein is, except we know Musharraf does have nuclear weapons as Pakistan has tested theirs.

Now this man that has done everything he can do to destroy the government of his country, has become a hero for one of our most powerful Senators in Washington!

On another program I listened to Representative Porter Goss who is on the Select Committee on Intelligence in the House tell us that America has a "good handle on crime in America" and that "America has pretty well taken out organized crime in this country." During each and every commercial break there were government ads about how buying drugs was funding terrorism. Well who do you think is marketing drugs in America. Hippies are long gone and it takes a lot of organization to get every illegal drug in this world to every town in every State of this Nation. For a United States Congressman to say that we have a handle on organized crime in this country tells me just how very out of touch the leaders of our nation are. Remember this guy is on the Intelligence Committee. Just who is giving them their intelligence?

Our Nation is no longer led by people with common sense nor any sense that I can see. Now America is led by people that know how to raise enough money to have an effective campaign or those that personally have their own money to use.

When a leader of our nation starts telling us we have a handle on crime in this country and other leaders have dictators that overthrow their country's legal government as their personal heroes, our nation is in big trouble.

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