Older Germans and Russians Know What Is Happening In America

by James Glaser
March 6, 2003

Not only Adolph Hitler, but Joseph Stalin would be happy and proud to see that their tactics in dealing with the lowly citizen have been picked up by George Bush and put to use. Also Adolph would grin after seeing that America was planing to use his Blitzkrieg attack method on Iraq. The senior citizen in both Russia and Germany have seen this same thing happen to them back in the 1930s.

3,000 precision guided bombs and missiles in the first 48 hours. That is the newest plan for the start of George Bush's War with Iraq. That is over one bomb or missile per minute for those first 48 hours and is George Bush's version of the German "Blitzkrieg." Makes you proud that George is willing to use such time tested military tactics.

Just like the Nazi hoard that swept over Poland, America will crush Iraq like an egg. Another similarity is that Germany was a fantastic military power when they attacked Poland. While the army of Poland was still on horseback. No nation on this earth has ever come close to the power that America has today and much like Poland, Iraq is nothing in comparison. We have already destroyed Iraq once and our embargo on military supplies since that war has kept Iraq from rebuilding its military. Iraq spends less than of 1% of what America does on war making materials.

People will look at the word "precision" in America's war plan and think that America will only be targeting military targets and that will be true. However many of these precision bombs and missiles will go astray. In an attack on Baghdad, with a population of close to five million, many innocent women and children will suffer and die. This is another similarity to what Germany did to Polish cities. While no one doubts that Saddam should be removed, many ask if the thousands of innocent Iraqis that will be killed are a fair trade.

What I think would make Adolph and Joseph even more proud is how George Bush has used their methods to handle the American citizen and at the same time gain valuable information that can be used in the future.

Now when an American wants to fly in this country their bank accounts and credit card history will be checked to see if the government deems them good enough to take that flight. Already many antiwar protesters have been refused a flight, at airports across this country. Joseph Stalin would have grabbed these people and sent them off to a work camp. George isn't that confident, yet.

Just like both Joseph and Adolph, George can take any citizen he wants into custody. No trial, no lawyer, no hope, American citizens can now be held forever on the word of the President and he has done that already.

Now when a Citizen goes to use even a library, the government can find out what you are reading. Just how far away is book burning in this country? No need to get a search warrant in America. All the government needs now are two words "suspected terrorist" and that covers any stepping on, of the Constitution.

George Bush keeps telling American citizens how vulnerable we are and that the oceans no longer protect us from the likes of Saddam Hussein. No one even questions the fact that for over forty years the Soviet Union had the ability to attack us over the oceans and over the top of the world and they still do. The Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles that the Soviet Union had us targeted with made those oceans like ponds. Just maybe George has no idea of our countries history over the last 50 years.

Iraq has nothing with which to attack us with, but much like Adolph Hitler, George Bush knows how well fear works when wanting to manipulate the masses.

Now I don't want you to think that I like this analogy between George Bush, Adolph Hitler, and Joseph Stalin. Quite frankly it scares the hell out of me, but I think it fits. I find no one in the Bush administration looking out to protect the citizens of this country, nor their freedom. I see men and women ready to do whatever it takes to heap up more power on the executive branch of this government.

I see no one in Washington and this includes the Congress and the Main Stream Media that care about the thousands of innocent people we will kill in this new war with Iraq. At one time I thought Colin Powell was a man of Peace, but then I started to read about the man and found he wrote the first cover up of the My Lai massacre for the Army in Vietnam. If you read Colin Powell's book you will read that Powell thinks it is perfectly all right to kill and starve civilians, destroy their homes and their livelihood, and anything else that will hurt the enemy. The man is sick and he spells that sickness out in his own words..

George Bush and his administration, through their arrogance have squandered almost all of the good will the world had for our nation after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Just about every country was ready to jump on board for our war on terrorism. Now any allies we have are not part of a coalition of the Willing, but a coalition of the "bought"

America now has to buy our friends. In the last Gulf War countries paid America so they could help us in that war. You now want to tell me George Bush hasn't screwed up our relations with the world? Now America taps the phones of our friends that work at the United Nations to see what we can get on them.

George and his boys and that is what they are, "boys" have destroyed any legitimate requests we could have made of our "friends." Our friends in this world now look at America as a check book. That is how bad George has screwed up.

Those people in "old Europe" have seen what happens when a government tries to accumulate all the power in this world. Sad to say George Bush has taken the same path as Hitler and Stalin. George reeks of the same arrogance that those two monsters had. I see that most of the rest of this world have awakened to this fact and they are now starting to put roadblocks in front of this American steam roller. In all reality only the American citizens can stop George Bush from starting his own Fourth Reich. I only hope that he does not hurt America any more, before the next election

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