President Bush Wants A Medal Too

by James Glaser
March 18, 2003

George Bush never heard his countries call to arms. No, George Bush used "Daddy" to bump 500 other men on the list, and joined the Texas National Guard. As we all know the National Guard is a honorable way to serve your nation, but George wasn't ready to do that either. After George got the hang of it he left. Went AWOL. George Bush our Commander in Chief is a deserter. I don't like writing this but it is true and I am so very afraid that George might just run out on these new troops in this war, like he did long ago.

Yes I do support our troops, but does President Bush? Take a Gander at and see for yourself. Check out the Chicago Sun Times article of 1/17/03, titled "the latest wartime President we can't trust." Or how about the UK Herald 1/26/03 article titled 'Chickenhawk Bush on dodgy ground"

You see, I think George Bush sending American troops into battle when he sneaked away from his duty makes President Bush a real scumbag in my book. Yes as I said, I do support our troops because I know what they are going through right now. They are scared and the veterans of past wars that are serving with the new troops are even more scared because they know what can and will happen.

Being scared before battle has nothing to do with how you will perform your job, but it does have some long term consequences. These quarter of a million American men and women will be changed for the rest of their lives. Many will lose their marriage and children, many will have long term social problems, and yes a number will commit suicide. These are just facts and they happen to some of the troops in any war.

Every war is different in the degree of casualties caused just by being there. Seeing the damage your firepower has done to women and children leaves memory tracks in your mind for life. Having to help put your friends into body bags sticks with you forever. Just the devastation left by the artillery and bombing leaves scenes in your mind that you can recall clearly sixty years later.

President Bush has no idea of what he is asking of these brave men and women, the man is clueless because when his time to fight came, he walked away. Now make no mistake about it, this war is George Bush's War, but it doesn't have to be.

We are having this war right now because George Bush could not wait any longer. He was seeing this war, his war, slip away because Dr. Hans Blix and the weapons inspectors were making progress on disarming Iraq and George couldn't let that happen. All the lies and fabricated documents that President Bush had been using to condemn Saddam were being found out about. The International Atomic Energy Agency Inspectors had already told the world that Iraq had no Nuclear program and what would happen if Iraq disarmed? George would lose his war!

So America will go to war. Thousands of young Americans will have their lives changed forever and maybe tens of thousands of Iraqis will suffer and die. For What? So that George Bush can win his war and take that desertion off his record. And maybe, just maybe, some Senator will pass a bill so that George W. Bush can get a medal.

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