They Just Can't Quit Lying

by James Glaser
March 20, 2003

It is bad enough that George Bush and his administration lied to the world about Iraq in order to get a war started. Even though the whole world knew what a thug Saddam Hussein was, they could not stomach the distortions and out and out lies America was telling them. When you know your "friend" is lying to you to get his way, it doesn't matter how good that friendship is, you still feel bad that he had to stoop to that.

That is how the world feels today. The world feels bad that America thought it had to lie and cheat with false documents in trying to get cooperation from countries that most likely would have helped if we had just been honest.

You could see in George Bush's speech of Monday night that he knew the jig was up and even though he had told all of America and the world we would have a vote on war in the Security Council, he had to back down. You always feel like shit when you get caught in a lie and if you lie to friends and get caught it must be real bad. So George cloaked his speech in talk of War for Peace which makes no sense at all. George got caught lying and now all of America suffers that embarrassment.

George Bush could have come clean, told every one that he had been duped too, but even so he still felt Saddam must go and he would appreciate some help. No. he couldn't do that. George grew up rich and rich people that have gotten their way their whole lives can't really ask for help, they demand it. George tried that, he demanded and threatened. "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists." Nobody bought it.

Now, even after this total defeat in the world of public opinion George is attacking Iraq anyway. I am sure he is kicking the walls and yelling "who needs them anyway"

What is so sad though is we have to keep lying. Now Washington is lying to you and me. If George wants to lie to the world, fine. But not us. Not to the American people. We are going to attack Iraq with some help from Britain. Fine. But don't start telling us that there are thirty countries that are with us and then add insult to our intelligence again by saying there are also fifteen nations whose names we can't say.

Sure there might just be thirty countries whose names George and Colin have paid for with our tax money, but screw that. Tell us how many countries are putting up their youth. Tell us how many countries are ready to have their people lay down their lives with American troops for George Bush's war. That is the real test if they are with us.

You know what? Spain our best friend, our buddy that was willing to vote with us all the way in the UN will not send one man into battle, but we count them. And just how much did we have to pay Spain for their words. Nothing I hope for their Actions.

But hey, things are looking up, Poland is sending two hundred guys, but they don't want them in combat. Also the powerhouses of Estonia and Uzbekistan are on our side, but sorry, no troops.

Australia is sending 2000 troops so they did put up something, but no where does any nation say they are putting up any money. So as far as Nations that will actually risk their own troops in combat, I think there are five. So Washington can honestly tell America that we have about 2 % of the worlds nations that are really on our side, and to be honest we had to pay for them.

In all of Congress there is one man who has son in this war. No one in George Bush's Administration has even a second cousin on their mother's side in uniform, because you know if they did they would be in every newspaper and get a page in People Magazine, like that Senator's Kid did. So it is pretty safe to say that only about one tenth of one percent of the people in power in this country and those that are really rich in America have children is the military that will fight in George Bush's war.

So right to the end we can expect the lies to continue (why stop now?). America will find weapons of mass destruction, Nuclear weapons labs, and who knows what else. The only problem is that the Bush administration has lied so often that many people the world over will doubt if these finds are on the up and up.

Once you develop the reputation of being a liar, people tend to doubt anything you say. George Bush's dishonesty will hurt America for years to come.

Post Script: All day on Wednesday I heard Republicans from the Senate and Congress on the radio and television telling Americans that it is unpatriotic and could hurt our troops if they continued to protest this war with Iraq. I think these men secretly have Joseph Stalin as their personal hero. I believe with all my heart that the protesters during the Vietnam war saved tens of thousands of young Americans by stopping that war. Also I am sure their protests save hundreds of thousands of innocent Vietnamese from American bombs and guns.

These men, most of who never had the guts to serve our nation in combat should be ashamed of themselves as I feel it would not bother them in the least if tens of thousands of our young men and women were killed in this war or any war if George Bush could claim a Victory.

These are truly sick men.

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