Yes We Killed Your Dad So You Could Be free

by James Glaser
Marcy 26, 2003

Sounds dumb doesn't it? What can you tell the children of Iraq whose fathers we are killing, when those children know that their dad died trying to protect them. Do you think those children will grow up to feel good about their "Liberation" ?

George Bush is going after Saddam Hussein and his top henchmen, but will end up killing thousands of young men in the Iraqi Army that were serving with the same patriotism as our young men and women.. On top of that America will end up killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians, which we have already done to 750 of them in the first five days.

Most of the world is watching Al-Jazeera the Arab news station and seeing pictures of women and little children blown to bits by America in our attack on Iraq's cities. Those people believe that most American media has become a propaganda arm of the American Government and no longer trust it.

American Television and newspapers refuse to print or show any image that they feel could offend their viewing audience. Because of this policy, many uninformed Americans promote the use of force by our government. These people have no personal idea of what a war is and the American media makes sure they can never see the consequences of our foreign policies on film or in the print media.

Just now I was listening to Donald Rumsfeld and some Generals give a press report. The one thing that caught my ear was when they said, "America's greatest losses have come when Iraqis broke every rule of warfare and wore civilian clothes, made fake surrenders, and then killed Americans." This is how out of touch our leadership is. We can actually see the dead children on Middle Eastern News sources that were killed by American missiles and bombs. Little kids killed by us and we are saying that Iraq is cheating.

These guys probably have some book of War Rules that they believe Iraq should go by. These men are supposed to be leading our young Marines and Soldiers. These same men have no idea of what really happens in war. There are no rules in War! It is such a sick joke for Donald Rumsfeld, the very man that helped Saddam Hussein get chemical and biological weapons in the first Bush administration, to now say that Iraq is not playing fair.

I believe that for our Military leaders to complain about the conduct of a nation that we have made an unprovoked attack on and for those same men to gloss over the fact that we have already killed and wounded over 700 innocent Iraqis, makes Donald and his henchmen, War Criminals. We, America have killed innocent civilians with weapons of mass destruction. That is what Bombs and Missiles fired into a city of five million civilians become, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Now America is touting how much humanitarian aid we are bringing to Iraq. These Military spokesmen go on and on about how much aid is in the pipeline and as soon as they demine the harbor of the city of Gaza they will deliver the food to the people . No one even questions and the Media never asks why these people are without food, electricity, and water. It is because we attacked Iraq. We bombed the electrical grid. Now we are telling the world how nice we are by bringing food to the very Iraqi people that we are attacking. Makes you proud to be an American huh.

The only problem with all of this is that most of the rest of this world have seen what war is personally and know the horror that America is now inflicting on Iraq. People the world over know that America is the aggressor in this war and that America is the cause of all of the pain and suffering that the Iraqi people are currently having.

George Bush tells the world that Saddam Hussein is a cruel, evil dictator, that is oppressing his own people and that is true, no one doubts that Saddam should go. So what does George W. Bush do? George attacks those poor oppressed people of Iraq, killing thousands. In the process he destroys their electrical and water systems which causes untold hardship for the people he says he wants to help. And then to add insult to injury, America pats itself on the back and tells the world about all the good it is going to do for the Iraqis by fixing the water, sewage treatment plants and electrical generating stations that we bombed in the first place..

This will tell you what this War is really about. The first American that was reportedly killed in this war was saving an oil well when he got shot in the stomach. He wasn't trying to get some women and children out of harms way, he was trying to save an oil well from getting set on fire. Now tell me what this war is all about.

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