Sick Of This War

by James Glaser
April 10, 2003

Watching this War with Iraq, where Americans gave their lives to free a people that wouldn't fight for themselves has made me understand that not only do both sides lose in a war, but also the reasons that I had to be against this war are just as valid as they always were.

It is still scary to think that America now preemptively will attack other countries. That means that all we have to do is think a nation doesn't like us and we can attack them. If they don't like us now, they might just someday want to hurt us, so we should crush them.

Another reason that this war is wrong, is that it is exactly what Osama bin Laden wants us to do. I am sure al-Qaida recruitment is at an all time high. We are playing into the terrorists hands.

The thing that gets me the most against this War, is the FACT that Iraq didn't supply any of the terrorists that killed 3,000 Americans. Most of those terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and some from Egypt. So to get back at Saudi Arabia and Egypt, America attacks Afghanistan and Iraq.

America has shown the world again in this war that no one can stand up against us, so you better get some nuclear weapons now if you are afraid George Bush doesn't like you.

For those people that think this war is so great, think of the fact that in each and every war we have, we kill and maim thousands of innocent people. This War is no different. We know without a doubt we are going to do that going in. We, America decided that those innocent people we killed in Iraq do not have the right to live. America decided that we have the right to kill and maim little children. I think that is wrong and you will never convince me that killing kids is our right.

America has every right to defend our nation, attacking Iraq was not a defense move. With this war we have continued to build up the amount of hate for us in this world. Leaders of other nations are now calling our President a War Criminal. I can never remember that happening before.

While a child growing up, I knew that most nations loved America and looked at us with respect. That is no longer true. Now Nations look at us with fear, hate, or as a source of cash. That America I grew up in is gone.

The American people are just as good and honest as when I was kid. The American people have not changed, but our government and foreign policy has.

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