Here Are The Questions

by James Glaser
April 15, 2003

Why didn't Saddam use Weapons of Mass Destruction? President Bush knows he had them. Saddam knew he was a dead man either way. We kill him in the war or we capture him, put him on trial, then kill him.

Could this war and all of the killing, maiming, and destruction have been for nothing? If Saddam didn't use these Weapons of Mass Destruction now, there is little chance that he ever would.

Could it be that Iraq was telling the truth when they told the world they didn't have any? Could all those years of sanctions in which over a half a million Iraqi children died, have been for nothing? Could Hans Blix and the inspectors have been right and just a few more months of inspections would have proved to the world that Iraq had none of these weapons?

Did America provoke a War because of false information? Remember the proof that we had about Iraq buying uranium from Niger. That proof, proved to be forged false documents that the State Department, the CIA, and the FBI never caught on to. It took the United Nations weapons inspectors to figure that out. Come to find out that the papers used as proof were so bad that even a small town cop would have caught it. The official signing for Niger had been out of office for eleven years, when those papers were signed and the signature was not even close.

How about the touted British dossier on Iraq. That proved to be a plagiarized college student's paper that was over a decade old. Remember the International Atomic Energy Agency reports cited by President Bush, that the Agency reported never existed? And then there are the aluminum tubes that Colin Powell to this day considers as proof of Atomic Weapons, even after the inspectors, our inspectors said there was no Nuclear Program in Iraq.

Thousands of people killed. Many more thousands wounded. Hundreds of thousands of people have had their homes destroyed or ransacked. Millions of people have had to live through the horror of War.

Will America find some Weapons of mass Destruction in Iraq? You Bet! There is no way now that George Bush and his staff are not going to find something. Will it be the 63,000 liters of Anthrax and Botulism Toxin, plus the million pounds of Sarin, Mustard, and Nerve Gas that President Bush told us about in his State of the Union Speech? Maybe not, but they will find something. Just maybe what they find will be too dangerous for reporters to actually see and just maybe for the safety of the Iraqi people it will have to be destroyed in place, but be assured they will find something.Can any of you even imagine the guilt trip that George, Donald, Dick, and Colin will be on if this whole war was started because these guys really didn't know for sure about these weapons, but they all had a gut feeling Saddam had them and they were wrong?

Oh I am sure they could some how blow off all the Iraqi deaths, even the children, but what about the Americans that were killed too? It takes a different kind of person to start a War in the first place. You know that you are going to cause the deaths of thousands, but what happens when your reason for the war in the first place proves to not be valid. No one, not even these guys can just shrug their shoulders and say, "Well we blew that one."

These guys are either going to have to live with all of these killings, which would drive most people insane, or they will have to make up an excuse in their minds that all of these deaths were worth it. That is a hard one.

The real question is, would Saddam have done as much damage in the time he had left in this world to his own country, as a hundred and fifty thousand Americans armed to the teeth with a thousand bombers and missiles did. It is reported that we made well over 30,000 bombing runs with aircraft. Tens of thousands of artillery rounds were fired at Iraqis. Most likely, millions of small arms rounds fired. Thousands and thousands of tank rounds fired. I have no idea of how many of those million dollar missiles were fired. Then you have to remember that there were 60,000 British and troops from Australia too. Who knows what damage they did.

For sure tens of thousands of people have lost everything they had. Thousands and thousands of parents lost their sons and daughters. Tens of thousands of children lost at least one parent. Thousands and thousands of Iraqis were maimed in this war.

The whole thing is just so horrible and it might have very well been started by lies or because George Bush couldn't let this war slip away, as he had no answer for America's failing economy and this war was his cover. How truly sad this whole thing is.

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