My America Is Getting Harder To Understand

by James Glaser
April 24, 2003

There is no doubt in my mind that my country does some really sick and foul things in this world, but now we have become either so brazen or out and out stupid, we tell the rest of the world about them.

In the city of Baghdad, which we bombed night and day for weeks, we have not been able to turn the water on yet. The sewage system does not work. Think about a city of over four million people with no plumbing. In that same city, with over thirty hospitals, we still have not been able to get medical supplies to the patients. Children with amputated limbs have no pain medication.

So what does the United States do, we tell the rest of the world what we have been able to do. We have been able to get the Iraqi oil flowing through the pipelines again. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! We have been to work on the oil, which we claim we have no interest in. We also were able to protect the Ministry in charge of oil production, but we could not protect the Museums and Libraries and we tell the world that too.

Cholera and Typhoid have now been found in Baghdad and these are associated with the lack of clean drinking water and no sewage system. We are working on it, like we had no idea that bombing a city could take these facilities out. In the last Gulf War we targeted these very systems, now we want the world to believe we couldn't have been prepared for this crisis.

For over a decade my United States has had an embargo on Iraq and has kept their infrastructure in a state of ill repair. Over a half million young Iraqi children have died due to a lack of basic medical care caused by our sanctions on their country. Over and Over, Presidents Clinton and Bush have claimed to the world that we were only trying to hurt the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Now we tell the world that we have found hundreds of millions of dollars in Saddam's palaces. In all those years we never hurt Saddam at all. He had too much money and had to store his extra in boxes. The man lived like a king while his people, the same people President Bush claims we are liberating, suffered and died under our sanctions.

With the announcement of Hussein's money find, we proved to the world that we in fact murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children. We knew that Saddam was not suffering, Heck he went right on building new palaces and lived in luxury until we attacked. Our own Secretary of State knew of these children dying and said so on international TV.

I don't understand my country anymore. We knowingly kill children and innocent women. We put the production of oil above the lives of millions of innocent civilians. We cause a whole Nation to suffer for years because we hate one man.

We give the world our proof of crimes to justify our treatment and attack of Iraq and it is proven to be fraudulent. Even with our CIA and FBI we claim we were duped too.

The people in America are not allowed to see what is really happening in a war that our own sons and daughters are giving their lives in. American people are just too fragile to allow them to see the actual death and destruction we inflict on others. While the rest of the world is watching real footage of the results of American combat, we in the USA are only allowed a sanitized version that won't upset our delicate moral beliefs.

I don't know when America became so sick as to attack and kill children. I don't know why we target the weak and helpless for our wrath. I do know some of the reasons that much of the world hates our government though.

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