It Is Still A Secret To Most Americans

by James Glaser
May 5, 2003

Most Americans still have no idea of why so many many Veterans look at George Bush as foul as any pedophile. I know this is a strong condemnation, but for many Veterans, no one could fall lower, than the person that runs out on those that depend on him. In the Armed Forces each unit forms a team and every member of that team is important. That "team" concept is what is going to bring you home. People working together covering each other, each job as important as the other. President George Bush ran out on his team and even though they were not in actual combat, this act of Desertion is just as serious in the eyes of those that were willing to give their lives for their country, as desertion in the face of the enemy.

Our President used powerful family ties to bump 500 other men ahead of him and was appointed to the Texas National Guard. This at a time when over 350 young men were giving their lives for America every week, while fighting in South Vietnam. Bush was finished with college, so it was either the National Guard or active duty. George then went on to take the flight training with the Guard, but after that, just up and quit his guard unit, never completing the obligation he gave an oath to do. After thirty days of not reporting for duty his Absence without leave (AWOL) turned to desertion. Desertion has no statute of limitation.

For some reason this crime by our President has been kept under wraps until now. Even though some have given up their career to stop a cover-up by Bush, the national media has not covered this story with any zest. Last fall I wrote "Why So many Veterans Are Finding George Bush Despicable" and that column was picked up by other sites. In the months since then I have been getting e-mail from veterans and those who find Bush's military past a farce. Some have read the same charges in newspapers around the country, but to most, these were new charges.

This last week, George Bush recorded his first campaign television spot for the 2004 election by landing on the deck of a moving Aircraft Carrier at sea. The USS Abraham Lincoln was ten months at sea, over 150 of the sailors had children born while away, and the President had them hold up their return so he could have a photo shoot. President Bush's getting out of that jet in full combat gear angered thousands of vets the nation over. I know in the past many have written letters to the editor about AWOL Bush, but they are never printed.

This week because of Bush painting himself as some sort of hero in uniform and the fact this ship was only thirty miles from home, and those sailors had to wait another day to see their loved ones so George could make this commercial, caused some papers to start printing some of the anger this political ploy brought out. Here are two from the Minneapolis Tribune, that to my knowledge has never printed anything on this subject.

"Finally back in uniform"
It is ironic that a president who
was reported to have been missing
from his National Guard duty for
more than a year landed on an air-
craft carrier yesterday decked out in
full military garb.
     It is obvious that we will see
these pictures over and over again
as he runs for reelection.
—Aaron Tepp, St. Paul

     "Bush's first campaign stop"
President Bush won't face ques-
tioning by the press, but he person-
alizes the end of Iraq War hostilities
with the most self-serving photo-op
ever, of him in a pilot outfit flying
onto an aircraft carrier at sea in a
fighter jet.
     But why stop there? Why not sol-
emnize the completion of his very
own war by issuing a presidential
amnesty for himself for deserting
our armed forces during the Viet-
nam War? Truly, the greatest re-
demention story since Easter.
—Mike Finley, St. Paul

Now these two short observations are just a start, but I am sure in the months to come you will see many more of these and some real articles published on this subjet. At a VFW State meeting I saw bumper stickers that said, "George, Where were you in '72 ?" and "George Bush is a Deserter" I asked both drivers what the deal was with these. Both were World War 2 vets and were quite well versed on George Bush's military record and they were very angry that a man like that is our Commander in Chief. Many veterans at the meeting expressed respect for the office of the President, but none for the person now serving.

There are a few Democrats and Republicans that would not look like, "the kettle calling the pot black," by bringing this crime up before the next election. If some one like John Kerry would ask questions about George's service, more answers would come to light. If you haven't, look up, or look up the chicken hawk data base at this last page will show you that those guilty of being AWOL tend to surround themselves with personel that were also deaf when their Nation sent out its Call to Arms.

In January George Bush told the Houston Chronicle. "I've been to war. I've raised twins. If I had a choice, I'd rather go to war." That little humorous statement shows how delusional George Bush has become about his military service. George never went to war, but out of guilt like many with his character, he now lies in order to sound better and will even now wear the uniform of real American heroes hoping that the American public will see him in that light. Knowing that he is a Deserter must weigh heavy on his conscience and that could be why he wants to send so many young Americans off to combat. Maybe he thinks his position as Commander in Chief makes up for past crimes?

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