A Little Drug Test For Homeland Security

by James Glaser
May 19, 2003

This test is so simple that I find it hard to believe that others haven't thought of it. For over a year our nation has been at War with Terrorism. The problem with this type of war is the fact there are so few ways to measure your success.

Terrorists have no country that we can attack and take over. Terrorists have no Air Force whose planes we can count as we shoot them out of the sky. The same goes for a navy or army, they don't have conventional armed forces that we can destroy. So how do we tell if we are winning or not? We create a test and I have a good one.

Since the September 11th attack on America we have been making every effort to secure our country from foreign terrorists. We have reworked our whole Federal Government with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. Tens of thousands of government employees have been moved from their old position to one in Homeland Security. Washington is spending billions of dollars on this project, just so we can feel secure here at home.

Well here is the test. Next Friday night give your teenage son or daughter a couple hundred bucks and tell them you want them to score you some cocaine. Then on Saturday night do the same, but now you want some heroin. Sunday afternoon ask for some good imported pot, nothing domestic, something that came in a solid brick for transportation.

I will bet anyone in America that, every one of these drugs can be bought in any of our major cities In smaller cities it will be hard to find imported pot as there is so much great pot grown right here. You get down to a town of about 2500 and maybe the smack will be hard to find and most likely everyone will try to get you to buy crystal meth, but if you look hard, you can get that coke. In towns of 500 or less you might have to order your drug of choice a week in advance.

Well there is the test. Homeland Security is trying their best to keep out little vials of Anthrax or Plague, not to mention those small suitcase atomic bombs they always talk about. They are also securing our borders so that foreign terrorists can't keep going to our flight schools. I would have to say anyone importing heroin and cocaine to sell to high school kids is a terrorist.

The Department of Homeland Security has about 170,000 employees all working together to make our country safe from terrorism. With all of these people out there looking for bombs, chemicals and biological agents, plus the terrorists, don't you find it strange that all of these drugs are getting through?

We are talking about hundreds of tons of cocaine and pot and tons of heroin. Doesn't it tell you something, that we have heard nothing about daily drug seizures. Wouldn't you think that all of these government agents looking at everything coming to America would stumble on to some drugs?

A person that will provide drugs to kids, drugs that will ruin those kids lives, is not above taking money to move in some chemicals for some rich terrorists. If Osama wants to get anything into our country he only has to piggyback it in on with a load of cocaine.

Our borders are porous and anything can get by those we pay to watch them. The amount of illegal drugs proves that. A few weeks ago I read a report stating that America had over ten million illegal aliens living inside our borders. Would it be that hard for those Homeland Security people to find some of these potential terrorists every day? It isn't like we are looking for a needle in a hay stack, there are over ten million of them! We aren't asking Homeland Security to find people selling eight balls of cocaine, we are asking them to look for the thousand pound or larger loads that come here weekly, maybe even daily.

The Department of Homeland Security has failed this drug test.

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