The Mission Was Not Accomplished

by James Glaser
May 27, 2003

Please forgive President Bush, he has no idea of what he is talking about. A few weeks ago President Bush kicked off his reelection campaign with a dramatic landing on an aircraft carrier and a speech about the end of the war with Iraq.

President Bush announced to the nation from that flight deck that hostilities had ended in Iraq and he had a sign behind him that said "Mission Accomplished." Sorry George you don't know what you are talking about. Again! In fact, like many other Presidents, George Bush has no idea of what the Mission is when America goes to war.

When America goes to war, any mission must include "taking care of the troops." Some American men and women give their lives for our country, while others suffer unimaginable injuries fighting for our country or as in this case, fighting for George Bush. Our nation has always felt that because of the sacrifice made by our military we owe those troops the care needed to really bring them "home.'

Not only are our troops still being killed in combat in Iraq, but just like in every war some of the men and women will someday return to the States and live with this war for the rest of their lives.

David Stout, writes in the New York Times about four names just now added to the Vietnam War Memorial. Even though these men came home years ago from that war, they suffered all of this time, only to die now from their wounds.

James Rogers of Waynesville, N.C. was 20 years old, on patrol in Vietnam in 1968, when he was struck in the head by several pieces of shrapnel. His brother Joseph said, "Death would have been a blessing." "He was helpless," his brother said, "there wasn't anything he could do."

James Rogers was hospitalized for a year before his parents took him home. He could not eat or drink without help, his food was blended and he had to be propped up on the toilet. "He suffered unbelievably," his brother said. "I can't describe what he went through."

No one can understand the heart break felt by his parents and brothers and sisters. All those years James lived with the torture of his wounds, his community really knew that wars don't end when a President says they do.

Today there are still veterans in VA Hospitals all over this country, from WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and the last war with Iraq. President Bush must not know about these men and women, or he would not claim that the mission was accomplished.

Taking care of those that fought for our country is part of any Mission when we go to war, it is such a shame that our President was never told this. In fact most Presidents have no idea of what it means to "take care of the troops." George will throw some praise at those who died, but by cutting the Veterans Hospital budget by billions of dollars over the next ten years, President Bush has told the nation he cares nothing for the men and women that fought and now suffer for his wars.

No George, this Mission is not over and it won't be for years.

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