Friday's Weekend Column
Turtle Crossing Time

by James Glaser
May 30, 2003

I don't know if they do this where you live, but up here there are warnings on the radio to be on the lookout for turtles that are trying to get someplace to lay their eggs. Mud Turtles and Snappers. I saw a snapper this week that had to have been close to 50 pounds. Death, while crossing roads takes quite a toll on these reptiles.

Both of these species are aquatic, where as a tortoise is a land dweller. If you happen to see a fast one it is nice to save it for the turtle races that are held for the kids during crazy days in Northome. After the race is over they are all let go down by the lake. The race is held on the nursing home grounds, so the seniors get to cheer for their Grandchildren.

There is a warning that only mud turtles are allowed as snappers could take a child's finger right off. Last year there were eighty two racers. After the turtle races, everyone grabs their minnow for the minnow races. Hey, like I said, this is the sticks and it is a lot of fun.

Back in the 1990s a man caught a 194 pound snapper by the Dora Lake Bridge. They took that turtle to the Como Zoo in Saint Paul and he was in residence for a few years, then they took him back to Dora lake and let him go.

I have to tell you that our quilt show was a smashing success. Quilts from 1880 to present. I thought Betty Boquist's Wedding Quilt made by her mom in the forties, was the most beautiful, while the 1930 Fund Raising Quilt, was the most interesting. Money was tight back then and this quilt was filled with big daisies. For a dime your name would be embroidered on a flower petal, but it cost a quarter to get your name on the center bud.

I liked one quilt that was made of old hankies. Each square was a different floral hanky and those flowers were embroidered. Lots of work. Everything there was an incredible amount of work and most were done all by hand.

Maybe it was the war, or it could have been the nice weather, but this Memorial Day at the Cemeteries we had the largest crowds for our VFW ceremonies that I have ever seen. All the rifles fired on time and the buglers were perfect. Semiautomatic rifles that are shooting blanks can be temperamental and the gas port has to be clean or the shell won't eject.

My back is almost a 100% now so Charmaine and I finished planting today. Well we are not finished as we will add things all summer. For the last three weeks I would take a ten square foot section of a garden each day and weed it perfect. Now I can spot weed the rest of the summer and never get them all.

The hummingbirds came back this week and were hovering at the window where we had a feeder last year and we, quick put out feeders for them. To be honest, Charmaine was quick about getting out the feeders, but I told her where to put them.

This next week I will be back to work and I plan to start slow and let my back muscles get in shape. Some times you feel so good and then go and screw everything up again because you have no patience.

We are looking for rain tonight. We have had only inch this month and if it doesn't rain I will be up early watering what we planted today.

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