George Is Still Lying About What Is Going On

by James Glaser
June 2, 2003

I first must tell you that I don't like writing about our President lying. If you think about it for a little while you will realize that all of them do. Just the fact that they have to raise millions of dollars to run for the office will prove my point. They take money from all sides. Do you think people give money to a canidate after that he tells them that they will not be able to vote their way? No, these guys are advocates for everyone, before they get elected. Also think about the ego a person must have, to run for the office of the President. With a ego that big, Presidents just know that everything they do is for the good of everyone and if they have to lie to get their program in, well everyone will thank them later. Hey, today being President of the United States is the ultimate power trip.

Think back to a few months ago, about President Bush telling us of Iraq's Drone aircraft that could attack our nation with chemical or biological weapons. Did you ever see those Iraqi drones? I could have built better looking flying machines. This threat to our nation wouldn't have flown across Baghdad, let alone the Atlantic Ocean.

I believe that all Presidents "spin" the truth to their advantage. President Johnson lied about the Gulf of Tonkin attack. President Reagan lied to us about the "freedom fighters" in Nicaragua. Nixon lied about his dirty tricks. and George's Dad, the first President Bush lied about Iraqi troops on the Saudi border, plus the Iran-Contra weapons trade to terrorists. President Clinton looked us right in the eye and lied about having sex with "that woman."

All these Presidents lied and were caught, some it hurt and some made it to their second term before we found out. I can't understand this President Bush following this path.

Now our new President Bush, not in a press conference or a political speech, but in an Address to the Nation, either was so misinformed or he out and out lied to us to get us to go to War. When the President of the United States tells us that Iraq has millions of pounds and thousands of liters of chemical and biological weapons and goes on to talk about that countries nuclear threat, he is asking us to trust that he is telling us the truth.

None of those weapons the President was telling us about have been found and we were so positive that we knew right where they were. For weeks all that was talked about was how our troops were preparing themselves for chemical attacks in the war. Those attacks never happened and we didn't find any chemical or biological weapons that could have been used on our men and women in uniform

Now we have had that war, about two hundred American and British troops lost their lives, hundreds were wounded, and thousands and thousands of Iraqis, military and civilian are now dead. A Presidential lie can cost a lot.

What is so wrong now is that President Bush refuses to start telling us the truth. Now he claims the war is over, but in the last week twelve Americans were killed and over a score wounded. These deaths, nine in combat and three in an accident, in a war that the President claims is over. This does not count the hundreds of little Iraqi children that have died since Bush made his end of the war announcement.

Thousands of little Iraqi kids are going to the hospital every day with severe cases of diarrhea, because we bombed the civilian utilities, of the Iraqi cities. In Baghdad, there is no safe drinking water as hundreds of tons of sewage is being dumped into the rivers that people get their drinking water from. No electricity, no water treatment.

The rest of the world knows that we made an unprovoked attack on Iraq. They also know that when a nation wages war on another, the Geneva convention spells out the responsibilities for the victor. It is now our responsibility to take care of those sick kids and get Iraq back on its feet.

Yes, we all know about the electricity and water problems, but what about the mental hospitals, the prisons that everyone, even the murderers were released from, and total lack of any legal authority now? Just think about a city of five million people with no water or flush toilets, no garbage pickup, and no police, no schools, failing hospitals and every government office except for the American protected Ministry of Oil, looted to rubble.

George Bush is now on a world tour telling the world that we have to keep up our war on terrorism. The rest of the world knows that George lied about Iraq, they know that in Afghanistan we have created the largest opium production area in the world and that we pay the War Lords to run that country as a criminal enterprise. At the same time they watch and see the Taliban and al Quaeda start to build again. The rest of the world can see that the President of Afghanistan is a puppet of America and they know the man would be dead now if he wasn't protected by American troops and a private American Security Company.

The rest of the world sees how President Bush hinders the American people from getting to read a Congressional report about what happened on September 11th 2001. They also know that this President has made all former Presidential Papers secret and that over a million and a half pages of other government documents were classified in the first year of George's term.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, does not describe the United States like it used to. Other countries watch and smirk as we give away our freedoms for a promise of safety. Those other nations made that same mistake in their pasts and that is why so many millions wanted to come here. Now many fear Americans will lose the very freedom they were searching for.

Other nations read about how Americans are watched in their churches and libraries. These Nations wonder just what the United States has in mind for the rest of the world if personal freedom is under attack here in the States.

The world watches as they see fear spread throughout our country. America was afraid of Afghanistan and Iraq and destroyed both. America has expressed fear of North Korea and Iran and many in Washington fear anyone that is not a white Christian.

People the world over believe that our country lied to the whole world so that we could attack Iraq and take their oil and potential wealth. I don't think very many people buy our "free the Iraqi people" line as we are still killing them with the effects of our war that we refuse to correct. You know if an American city was suffering the problems Baghdad is, we would have temporary equipment there in a matter of days to save the people, but five million Muslims don't rate very high in Washington and if they suffer and thousands die, too bad.

On this world tour, President Bush is trying to take the focus of the world off his war record and on to his Conservative Compassion. I guess he figures that we bought it, so they might. George is running around telling the world that he is going to give Africa fifteen billion dollars to fight AIDS. A noble cause, but the world knows that the bulk of the money will be going to American Pharmaceutical companies. Those nations also know about the strings attached to this money. None can be used by anyone having any positive thoughts on abortion and if you condone using condoms, no money for you. This will be a Christian fight against AIDS and those people in Africa can just stop having any sex if they want our help.

We will someday have to admit that we have a President that uses the lie as a tool to get his way. Lying has a way of coming back and getting you. President Bush's dishonesty is going to hurt America.

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