Now They Say Saddam Was Rational

by James Glaser
June 9, 2003

Now that the President's own words are coming back to haunt him, those that cheered on his push for war are looking for any means to convince America that Bush's rational for war with Iraq, was sound.

In a radio address to the nation on October 5, 2002 President Bush said, "The evidence indicates that Iraq is reconstituting its nuclear program. Saddam Hussein has held numerous meetings with Iraqi nuclear scientists, a group he calls his "nuclear mujahideen" - his nuclear holy warriors."

In an address to the Nation on March 17, 2003 President Bush told us, "Intelligence by this and other countries leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

Both of these remarks were given to the American people along with numerous others by this President as reasons that our country must make an unprovoked attack on Iraq, just to defend ourselves from these Weapons of Mass Destruction. In other comments, the President's vision of mushroom shaped clouds over American cities, worked to instill fear of Iraq and a National Call to Arms.

Now for President Bush the War is over and according to the banner behind him during his dramatic aircraft carrier speech, America's "Mission Accomplished."

The Mission all through the buildup for the war was to rid the world of these Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now long after President Bush has declared Mission Accomplished we have yet to find any of these weapons.

Theories abound. Saddam destroyed them just before we attacked. Saddam sent them to Iran, his arch enemy. Saddam sent them to Syria. Saddam still has them hid and we will some day find them, along with Saddam.

Months before the war, Iraq told the world in a 12,000 page report that they no longer had any of these weapons. With the "best" intelligence that the United States could supply, the UN Weapons Inspectors found nothing.

Today, those backing the President's reasoning for war continue to expound the belief that Saddam Hussein had those weapons right up to the time we attacked. Their rational, is Saddam not only said that he had weapons and they did not believe that he was telling the truth about destroying them, but he would not allow America to take Iraqi citizens (scientists) out of the country for questioning. How would Americans feel about some foreign power taking our scientists out of our country for questioning because they did not believe what Washington said?

Another reason for those pro war thinkers not believing Saddam destroyed his weapons, is that he gave up many billions of dollars, because they believe the "Sanction on Iraq" would have been dropped if he could prove he destroyed them.

These same people, those that back President Bush no matter what, fail to understand what a ruthless dictator will do to keep the illusion of power. Dictators live in a state of fear and those weapons real or not kept the world at bay for well over a decade,

America has reported that Saddam Hussein was as evil as Hitler, and had killed tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of his own people using chemical weapons. There were constant reports of horrible, terrible torture and the killing of the Iraqi people who lived in constant fear of Saddam's regime.

Now those same people that have told us of all the evils of Saddam Hussein, want us to believe that the man was a rational thinker and that he would see, proving to the world that he had destroyed his "ace in the hole" would be to his advantage. They would have us believe the fact that he didn't do this and thus enrich himself with billions of oil dollars that were kept from him by UN Sanctions, is proof he still had these weapons.

No one knows the truth and Washington is not about to tell us what really happened if the story goes against them. Let me point out a few flaws in their reasoning. Dictators that kill thousands and thousands of their own people through torture and the use of chemical and biological weapons, are not rational thinkers and could do anything.

Saddam could have destroyed everything he had, he could have let everything deteriorate to a state of uselessness, or he might not of had a very large supply in the first place and used almost all of it attacking his own people. Maybe Saddam only had the chemical and biological weapons that the United States supplied to him, you ever think of that?

Money. Does anyone seriously think Saddam needed more money? He built thirty some Palaces, all over Iraq, he left millions hidden in the walls of his homes along with gold bars. The man had too much money and had to leave some behind. Those that use the money theory as proof that Iraq had WMDs are not thinking rationally either

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