Just Thinking

by James Glaser
June 24, 2003

Last week I heard that a couple of Americans were wounded in Israel, while visiting one of the settlements in the occupied Palestinian land. Well how dumb does a person have to be. The news people were talking like this was a tragedy. If a person, American or not decides to vacation in a war zone and gets hurt, I personally do not feel sorry for them one bit. These people were just out and out stupid.

Can you even imagine telling your wife or husband, well honey, lets go to Israel and see what it is like to live with mass terrorism. Who are these people, maybe we are better off with them over there.

Another one that really got to me was a interview with a couple living in those same occupied territories that had immigrated from the United States to make their home in Israel with their three children. To me it is child abuse to move your children into an active war zone and that is what Israel is today. I know, I know, these people are following their religious beliefs, but to me it is a crime to introduce children to a life of terror and fear, when they could have stayed in America. Children are a responsibility and I think we will be judged on how we take care of them.

I was talking to a friend today and the topic of George Bush came up. What we decided was that George doesn't have any idea of what it is like to be an average American citizen. George never had to look for a job, his whole life his parents were surrounded by armed men protecting them. Remember daddy George was not only President, but Vice President, head of the CIA, and in Congress.

George W. didn't grow up like any of us. He thinks nothing of men hanging around with guns to protect him. He had body guards as Governor of Texas and now he is protected 24/7, has motorcades wherever he goes and jet fighters protect him in Air Force One.

That is why George cannot understand that the people in Iraq are going nuts with all the American troops all over their country, armed to the teeth. President Bush looks at these troops as protecting the Iraqi people, while the Iraqi people look at these troops as potential killers. Look out your window and think how you would feel if foreign troops were going by in an armored personel carrier, wearing personnel body armor, and carrying fully automatic weapons or a grenade launcher.

Think about foreign troops doing body searches of your teenage daughter or wife. Think about foreign troops coming to your house in the middle of the night searching for weapons. Get this, we have Americans in the White House that cannot understand why those Iraqi people are still killing our troops. These same people are running our country and our foreign policy. They are out of touch with the real world.

Now we have turned on the Iraqi oil pipe line for the first time since the start of the war and wouldn't you know it, some Iraqi blew up that pipe line and stopped the flow, can you believe that. Here we are trying to help these people and right after we got this oil flowing, I swear to God, the next thing on the list was to get safe clean drinking water flowing to those people of Iraq again.

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