George Is Losing His Luster

by James Glaser
July 2, 2003

The last couple years I have watched as George Bush and his administration have assaulted every American's freedom. As a veteran, I have watched as George Bush, a man that deserted during his military duty while thousands of young Americans were dying in Vietnam fulfilling theirs, sent off another group of young men and now women to die in a foreign land, while those in Washington reap money and power.

Time after time I spoke to people that I respected only to find them blindly following this President as he takes more and more of our future away from us. In other lands George Bush is hated and feared, billions believe that our President is a bigger threat to humanity than any terrorist, but the American people were falling all over themselves feeling good about defeating pathetic little countries that have no chance against out might. Most Americans were waving Old glory as our planes were killing women and children by the thousands.

Now I see a change, America is starting to wake up. It was slow in coming, but now those that blindly followed are seeing that young Americans are getting killed every day, others wounded and maimed. George keeps talking about liberation for the Iraqi people and they tell us thank you very much for getting rid of Saddam, but please leave. The Iraqi people are now fighting for liberation and freedom from us!

People are starting to think things over. Even in here in Northern Minnesota, people are wondering if conquering third world countries makes us safer. Those that waved the flag and yelled for victory are seeing blood on their hands and it doesn't feel so good, especially when some of that blood is American.

Today was the monthly meeting of Northland Progressive, our local commercial club. Almost all the members are owners of small businesses and most are Republicans. We had a report by the city clerk and she told us that the town of Northome would lose one half of their state funding by the year 2005.

Someone said that there was no worry because President Bush said the economy was on the upswing. There was universal laughter. George Bush only lost Minnesota by about 50,000 votes and many Republicans were predicting he could win here in 2004. That was before so many lost their jobs and for many retirement has been put off because their investments have taken a heavy hit.

Americans are slow to turn against a sitting President, but finally some are realizing that this President has been less than honest with the American people. As more discrepancies about the reasons for a war with Iraq come out and more people see friends or relatives lose their jobs, many are taking a closer look at him. The constant daily reports of young Americans getting killed in a war that President Bush told us was over doesn't help his credibility either.

These people are at the snide remark stage of descent and that is about all you can hope for from Republicans. Last year Bush was a saint and could do no wrong. This year you can see just how far he has fallen. These people are his base!

None of these people would even think about voting for any of the Democrats running now, but for Bush to win again he needs enthusiasm and he is losing that. Last year these people were behind the President all the way and many Democrats said that they would let him run the show the way he wanted and they would see what he could do for them.

People have watched and George had his run to show all of us what he could do. Many from both parties are not too impressed and if the Democrats can field a decent candidate, this next election will be a horse race. Last year George was a shoe in. Republicans can no longer say that.

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