President Bush Must Keep America Focused On War If He Wants A Second Term

by James Glaser
July 7, 2003

President Bush continues his role as the 21st century Napoleon. In May, it was the landing on an aircraft carrier off the beach in California while dressed in full military costume. This week it was a 4th of July address, at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

With a giant American flag for a backdrop, flanked by B-1 Bombers and Stealth F-117 Fighters, President Bush continued his tough talk to the nation and the world. George vowed preemptive attacks against enemies. This, just a day after telling those attacking American troops in Iraq to "Bring it on."

President Bush has nothing going for him other than his war on terrorism and must focus on that, because he has nothing else to talk about. With millions of Americans losing their jobs, the economy lagging, and the continued loss of more jobs, George will do anything to get the nation looking in another direction.

Almost every state in the Nation is starting to cut back on programs that effect millions of Americans and are now laying off those workers (police and fire fighters) that are on the front lines when it comes to Homeland Security.

George Bush is now in the position that he will say anything in order to focus America on the threat of an attack from terrorists or anyone else he can think of. Bush will use forged documents to give his attacks on foreign nations credibility and constantly link third world despots to terrorists organizations without a shred of proof. The Presidents ploy now is to focus all of our resources on the security of the nation and instill fear in every citizen, so that domestic failures are over looked.

Bush still believes that war and the threat of war will get him to a second term, while American Soldiers and Marines are being killed and wounded in Iraq on a daily bases. George's drive to make every American afraid for their families safety is no longer working like it did last year.

Even though the investigation into the terrorist attack on our nation is being kept secret, some facts come out that cause many to wonder just who this President is trying to protect. While every plane in the United States was grounded after the attacks of September 11th, there was still one plane flying. That was the plane President Bush ordered to fly around the nation picking up members of Osama bin Laden's family, to get them to safety in Saudi Arabia.

People are starting to wonder how George knew that Osama was in charge of the attack just a few hours after the fact, which makes more people want to see the Secret warning President Bush received in August at his ranch about terrorist attacks and they want to know on what information cabinet level administration officials were forbidden from flying commercial aircraft, months before those four planes were highjacked on Sept.11th.

For the time being President Bush will put all of his energy into war. Either in Iraq and Afghanistan where his wars are on going or he will start a new one and hope that the American people will still be afraid next year when it is time to vote.

With millions of dollars flooding into the Bush campaign from those rewarded by George with tax cuts and those in the war industry, President Bush will continue to wave the flag and hope no one looks at what is going on right here at home.

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