Bush, "Absolutely confident in the decision I made"

by James Glaser
July 10, 2003

Those words by President Bush on his African trip, when questioned about Iraq. Now he wasn't clear if that decision was the one where he decided to lie to the American people about Saddam Hussein or the decision to make a preemptive attack.

George went on to say, "There is no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein was a threat to world Peace." So because of Saddam's threat to peace, George Bush ordered American troops to start a war. That sure stopped that threat to peace right in its tracks.

To stop a threat to peace, George W. Bush and his war killed close to ten thousand innocent people, thousands of Iraqi troops, and pretty much totally destroyed a country. Today he says he has no doubts in his decision. The President is either very evil or totally insane. George doesn't just have the blood of all of those innocent people on his hands, he is covered in it.

Now to insure peace in the world, George Bush and his war is now causing untold numbers of Iraqi infants and children to die from disease. The people of Iraq are living in a war zone and the trauma that impacts on a whole generation growing up, will cause troubles there for years.

American troops and their families are suffering and many have lost their lives or have been seriously wounded. George has no idea of what is happening to our own men and women in the Service and we will be paying for this war for the next fifty years in veterans benefits if not longer. Remember we are still paying for a few children that are dependents of Civil War Veterans.

George Bush is not a "Threat to Peace" George Bush is a Maniac. The man believes that it is all right to kill thousands of innocent people if you have a good reason to do it. Even if the reasons you had to kill those people were based on false claims and lies, it is still OK, because we are on the side of good, while those innocent people were on the side of Evil. Like I said, the man is a maniac!

Post Script: I always write these columns then put them down for several hours and come back and reread them. I read this one and find I am calling the President of the United States a maniac and think is that right? Here is a guy that says he is trying to insure peace in the world, so he starts a war, kills thousands of innocent people and is now talking about taking on other nations like Iran or North Korea.

President Bush knew going in to this war that we would kill thousands of women, children, infants, the old, and the infirmed. That is what happens when you attack a city like Baghdad with 5 million people living there or any of the other Iraqi cities filled with civilians.

At no time did anyone from our government try to talk to Saddam Hussein even though we knew the guy well. For years Saddam was on our payroll. Heck, I have seen pictures of our Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, smiling and shaking Saddam's hand. That was back when we were supplying Iraq with the Weapons of Mass Destruction he used to kill his own people with. Remember after he did that, there was not a peep out of Washington because Saddam was fighting Iran for us.

You know, I think about things like that and calling George Bush a maniac is right on.

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