I Never Had A Credit Card With No Limit, But George Bush Thinks He Has One

by James Glaser
July 22, 2003

$455.000,000,000.00 that is what George Bush has us spending in bad checks this year alone. He and his administration call it deficit spending. What he is doing, is spending more money than our government has coming in.

Over the next five years our government will spend, according to George's estimates, over $1,900,000,000,000.00 that we don't have. The White House keeps telling us that this is a "manageable" deficit and not to worry.

Well in my home if we keep spending more than we have, we start to dip into the money we are saving for our future. Our government doesn't have any of that kind of money as we spent all of that years ago. It was called, a Trust Fund for Social Security. The Trust part of that was our trust of the government to take care of that money.

When we have a President that keeps spending our money like he has his dad's credit card and then tells Americans that they are spending too much in taxes and lowers the tax, we have to borrow, so George can still go on this spending spree, that he is buying votes with.

When we borrow money we have to pay interest and so does our federal government. This year we will pay $156,000,000,000.00 just in interest. It is reported that this interest payment is three times what we spend on education.

You would think those that we elect in Congress and the White House would be trying to get us on the right track, except most of them don't care what happens to our country. You see for every year they can keep this spending up, they have a chance to make a lot of money or if not them personally, then like the President, his father and his friends.

Family and friends reward these elected officials after they leave office. Everything is legal and only the nation and its citizens lose.

4,000,000,000.00 is the amount of money we are spending in Iraq every month and this money isn't even figured in any of the budget projections. That comes to $5,952,380.95 every hour we are over there. Can you even imagine what we could do to help American citizens with that kind of money?

Did any of you know that because this Iraq War inconvenienced the State of Israel, we gave them an extra $1,000,000,000.00? That was on top of the over $3,000,000,000.00 we give them every year. The same goes for Egypt, except I think we gave them two billion for inconvenience. Those in Washington can tell you a story of why that is a good idea, but some way, some of that money makes its way back here and those in power get a piece of it.

Money and power! That is the reason we have wars. That is the reason for all wars. One side wants something the other side has. It is no different now than it was centuries ago. Washington will spin us all this "bull shit" to make it sound like we are helping the little people, but when it is all over, the little people are the ones that suffer or die and the rich get richer.

Those elect officials will swear up and down that they voted to go to war in Iraq to help the poor Iraqi people, but you know that is just crap, because they don't vote to help people right here at home. We have tens of thousands of citizens living on the streets, American families with kids, working jobs, but not making enough to make ends meet, living on the streets, while they vote more money for a foreign war. We have thousands and thousands suffering with HIV, and we have thousands more, senior citizens, choosing between food, rent, and medicine that these people fail to help year after year.


"An American Soldier and his Iraqi interpreter were killed when their vehicle was hit by an explosive device and they then came under fire from insurgents," the American Military said.

If you read about the word "insurgents" you will find that it means, "actively revolting against an existing government, Rebellious." In Iraq today there is no existing government to rebell against, unless our government is now claiming we are the government of Iraq and those people killing our troops, are revolying against us. I feel real sadness every time an American is killed or wounded, but I understand that those peoiple doing the killing and wounding are trying to drive out foreign troops from their country. That is the same thing that thousands of Americans would do to any foreign troops that came over here, no matter what their reason was.

Iraqi people have their own brand of Patriotism, our elected officials in Washington fail to understand that.

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