Another American Was Killed In Iraq,
But Nobody Cares Because We Killed Saddam's Sons

by James Glaser
July 23, 2003

It wasn't in the New York Times nor the Minneapolis Tribune, there was nothing on National Public Radio either, but a US Soldier was killed and another wounded on Tuesday July 22nd, in an attack on a convoy between the towns of Balad and Ramadi, Iraq.

The stock market went up and the White House was ecstatic, because we killed Uday and Qusay Hussein, Saddam's sons. We also killed one of their sons, a boy of fourteen and one of their body guards. We could be giving out 30 million dollars to the informers. Washington says this proves that the Iraqi people want rid of Saddam's rule.

First off I thought we had already got rid of Saddam and his Government and as much as I like that we got rid of these two thugs, I wouldn't put too much stock in our thought that the Iraqi people were now willing to help us. You put fifteen million on George Bush and there would be some takers right here in the USA. Heck for fifteen million dollars, there would be people that would have turned in Mother Teresa.

I have heard all of this talk of supporting our troops, but if there is a really big story, our media forgets we even have troops in Iraq.

I know that it gets kind of old reporting a Soldier or Marine getting killed over there because it happens every day, but they are our men and women fighting for our country and when one of them gives his or her life, I think that is important enough to make front page in any American paper.

I found out about this death on which had a link to, who carried the story.

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