I Don't Think Washington Can Let Any Hussein Live

by James Glaser
July 28, 2003

Local Iraqi people accused American forces of being in a state of "hysteria" looking for Saddam Hussein, said BBC reporter Mike Donkin. Donkin reported that American troops looking for Saddam "smashed doors and windows to enter a house in Mansur, Iraq.

The troops opened fire on a car as it pulled up during the search and the occupants were hit. A pool of blood lay in the road and Baghdad's central hospital reported five deaths. In the report by the BBC, "It is thought that the squad (of troops) believed a relative of Saddam - perhaps his son Ali, from his second wife - was hiding in the house." They left after a search, making no arrests

A crowd at the scene condemned what they called a terrible attack on innocent civilians, saying it would turn more people against an occupying force.

When American troops found Saddam's two sons, the story of their killing leaves many to wonder what really happened. First it was claimed that after our troops were fired on by Uday, Qusay, one bodyguard, and a fourteen year old son, shells were fired from a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, killing all four. Later on we hear that each son was shot at least twenty times.

The Iraqi people wanted these two along with Saddam to stand trial for all of their crimes against the Iraqi people, but I don't think we can let that happen. In any trial, America's involvement with Saddam and maybe his sons would be made public. Remember for twenty years we were paying them, to do what we wanted.

Who knows what secrets could come out in a trial? What would they say about talks between Saddam and Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld? We have all seen the pictures of the two in a warm handshake. Who knows what Vice-president Cheney said to Saddam when he was in our employee?

Washington has had way too many embarrassing things come to light in this war already. The fake papers about Iraq buying uranium from Niger, the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the total lack of any plan for post-combat Iraq, are just a few.

Each and every Hussein in Iraq that could have any knowledge of what Saddam did for us and what we did for him, can not live. It won't be a bullet in the head for any in this family, no this family will be shot many times over and no mistakes or loose ends will be allowed.


According to the New York Times, three soldiers from the Fourth Infantry Division were killed and four wounded when a grenade was thrown into a group of soldiers who were playing cards while guarding a children's hospital.

Another American Soldier was killed and two others wounded in an attack on a convoy in Abu Ghraib, just west of Baghdad.

As I am writing this it is being reported on National Public Radio, that a Marine has been killed south of Baghdad, bringing the total to five Americans getting killed in the last twenty four hours.

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