I Thought We Would Never Use Napalm Again

by James Glaser
August 6, 2003

Washington talks about how evil Saddam Hussein was. Well now, with America admitting the use of Napalm and firebombs on Iraqi troops, the whole world can talk about how evil George Bush is.

Colonel James Alles commander of Marine Air Group 11 confirmed dropping dozens of incendiary bombs near bridges over the Saddam Canal and the Tigris River in Iraq. "We napalmed both those (bridge) approaches." "Unfortunately there were people there because you could see them in the (cockpit) video."

"They were Iraqi soldiers there. It's no great way to die." Said Colonel Alles. The military couldn't say how many were killed or if they were all soldiers.

During the War, the Pentagon disputed reports that napalm was being used, saying the Pentagon's stockpile had been destroyed two years ago.

Washington says that reporters asked about napalm bombs, but we only dropped firebombs. Napalm is made with gasoline and benzene while these bombs were made with Kerosene-based jet fuel and benzene, Washington gets away with more lies to the American people. Kerosene-based jet fuel is more potent than gasoline, so now we have "super napalm" that we can call something else and fool the American people again.

I saw many Vietnamese people with burns from napalm and I also got to see some ARVIN troops kill about ten villagers that were burned so bad that we couldn't tell if they were men or women and the sounds they were making were just horrible.

You want to talk about weapons of mass destruction, well napalm is a bad one. When used on a populated area it is a real killer that inflicts untold pain. We won't trust other countries to have evil weapons, but we have them and we use them. What the heck is George Bush telling the rest of the world by using napalm? If I lived any place other than America, I would be petitioning my government to get every weapon of mass destruction they could, just out of fear of Bush and the USA.

There is no doubt in my mind at all, that George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld will rot in hell for eternity for allowing the use of this weapon again. I don't care if Saddam Hussein gassed twenty million or a hundred million people, for the United States to stoop so low that we would use this totally evil weapon again, after what we learned they did to people in Vietnam, is just sick and I hope and pray that this is a War Crime and these two are charged.


An American Civilian contractor was killed Tuesday, when a bomb was detonated under the truck he was driving north of Tikrit

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