Someone Should Tell George About Hiroshima and Nagasaki

by James Glaser
August 7, 2003

With a President in the White House that does not notice when our military kills thousands of innocent people, we have to wonder how safe the atomic trigger is. George Bush might believe that a few A-bombs dropped on the right country could stop terrorism.

Keeping fire arms out of children's hands is a fine practice. Giving George Bush the codes needed to launch nuclear weapons is not.

Under President Bush's leadership, America has ended a ten year moratorium on the research of small nuclear weapons. While we are telling the rest of the world to not even think about nuclear weapons, we open up a whole new branch of research. Like we don't have enough now! Senator Dianne Feinstein is now predicting, "A new generation of nuclear weapons."

The White House said lifting the ban will enable the United States to study a new "bunker-buster" bomb that could be used against terrorists.

There it is, that word that makes America do what ever George Bush wants, "Terrorism". George can get anything he wants as long as he says it will help fight terrorism and Congress will give him the money because they are so afraid they might look soft on it.

New nuclear weapons systems seemed so far fetched that no one would even propose such a dumb idea, but hey, this is George Bush. Remember we attacked Iraq because of terrorism, when we knew most of the terrorists that attacked America came from Saudi Arabia and none from Iraq. We also know the terrorists get most of their financing from the Saudis and still we attacked Iraq. So George Bush wanting more nuclear weapons is not so hard to understand. With President Bush, things that seem obvious or just plain old common sense don't always dictate what he wants. The man is out in left field and that is where his ideas come from.

We all can agree that the world should always remember the Holocaust, so we will never repeat all of that killing. The same should be true for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is hard to believe, but for over fifty years nations have refused to use atomic weapons out of fear of a repeat of those two slaughters of innocent civilians.

Our country should be the leader in trying to limit these terrible weapons, but we have a President that wants to go in the opposite direction. I say our country should be the leader, because not only did we start the world down this path of nuclear arms, we are the only country to ever use them. Not once, but twice.

The more of these weapons that we make, the more of these weapons other countries are going to make too, out of fear of us. With all the innocent blood America has on its hands with the use of Atomic bombs, you would think we had killed enough.

When you have a President and an administration that lusts for power, nuclear weapons and more of them are a temptation they can not control.

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