It's Time To Bring The Troops Home George

by James Glaser
August 21, 2003

When the Commander in Chief is on vacation playing golf while a hundred and forty thousand Americans are across the ocean fighting his war, it is time to say enough is enough and bring those troops home.

Even though Iraq was no threat to the United States, we went in and forced Saddam Hussein and his regime out. That is the push that the Iraqi people needed. The continued killing of our young men and women and the attacks on foreign embassies and the UN headquarters, should be telling us something.

Iraq and the Iraqi people don't want us in their country!

We have destroyed the Iraqi Army, they had no Air force, no Navy, and they now have no means to attack even their neighbors. All we have to do is say "hands off" to those very neighbors, give some financial aid and leave. George Bush can still claim victory and issue some medals to those Generals that fought this war from Tampa.

It is pretty much a proven fact we don't have enough troops to do the job we said we wanted to do in Iraq. We can't protect oil pipe lines, we can't protect water pipe lines, and we can't protect Foreign Embassies, or United Nations Compounds.

Just about every day some American is killed and several wounded. A month ago Soldiers were telling America how sick of this war they were and the Pentagon put a stop to that, but some keep talking.

Chief Warrant Officer (W3) James S. Inman, serving in Iraq today with Army Reserve Unit from Arden Hills, Minnesota writes to the Minneapolis Tribune, "I wish I could retire, I would leave in a second." Inman goes on to say, "Conditions here have been terrible: no running water, ate rations for months, extreme heat, etc. The worst part is not knowing when we will come home. Our lives and families lives are on complete hold. Even prisoners know when they will get out."

This report, from a veteran with 34 years of service. Warrant Officer Inman talks of not knowing when he will go home and no running water a good two weeks after the Pentagon told America that all troops know when they will be going home and that conditions are so much better for the troops. Inman's letter was published on August 19th.

America is at War in Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows how many other countries. We have troops in Columbia and the Philippines both training and fighting. Troops in the Republic of Georgia and in seventy or eighty other countries.

We have "colored terror alerts" in this country and the President and his administration spread the fear of a new attack when ever they can.

The President of the United States, Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, is on vacation and playing golf. Bring the troops home George! Either that or start paying attention and support the troops, because fine young American men and women are risking their lives every day for your war and many are getting killed and wounded for you.

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