It Depends On What Side You Are Looking At It From

by James Glaser
August 25, 2003

On July 2nd, President Bush in a "Bravado Speech," taunted International Terrorists to "Bring Em On." This week President Bush is telling America that those same Terrorists blew up the United Nations Headquarters in Baghdad, because they hate democracy and freedom.

Well lets look at the other side of that coin. Fair is fair and here is something that happened with the United States, the United Nations, and Iraq in 1996. On the news program 60 Minutes, May 12th 1996 Lesley Stahl was asking Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright about the US/UN sanctions against Iraq and the effect of those sanctions. Stahl, "We have heard that a half million children have died, I mean, that's more children than died at Hiroshima, and you know, is the price worth it?" Madeliene Albright, "The price--- we think the price is worth it."

All of those "terrorists" that President Bush is talking about have heard this interview over and over again. I don't know first hand if we killed those children or not, but I will say that our then Secretary of State, made no disclaimer about killing them, so I guess, on her word, we would have to take responcibility for killing a half million little children. I watched that program and waited for Madeliene to say, "No way, did we kill those kids," but she didn't say that and every terrorist has now used that clip for recruitment.

So this brings us to that "other side of the coin." Those terrorists that President Bush claims blew up the United Nations Headquarters could very well think that they are committing an act of revenge for the deaths of those little children, maybe their own children. Maybe after twelve years of United Nation Sanctions, enforced by the United States, the people that blew up that headquarters felt that they were in the right. Remember there are always two sides to every issue and President Bush's honesty on Iraq has been in question for some time now.

Bombing civilians, no matter where or for what reason you have, is wrong, but it is just as wrong for the United States to bomb civilians as it is for those "terrorists." In fact if you are on the other side, then the United State's bombing and killing of thousands and thousands of Iraqi civilians makes us terrorists too. Bombs falling from planes are no different than a bomb placed in a truck and driven to the attack point. Indiscriminate killing of civilians is wrong, no matter the method. No matter how careful America felt it was, bombing a city of five million like Baghdad is going to cause many civilian deaths.

Washington believes that our country has some sort of moral authorty that makes our killing of innocent civilians some how different, than the killing of innocent civilians that terrorists do.

Why would President Bush claim that terrorists bombed UN Headquarters, other than the fact that the word "Terrorist" is George's favorite word. "Terrorist," brings higher poll numbers to the President and that word has given him hundreds of billions of dollars to spend. Money we don't even have.

When I heard about the attack on the UN, the first thing I thought of was that the parents of some of those half million kids that died from UN Sactions, got some revenge. Kind of like our attack on innocent civilians in Afghanistan after the attacks of September 11th.

I don't really care who you are, if you kill one of my children or maybe several of my children, I am going to get back at you even if it takes years. This is even more true, if you admit to it. I'll take that one step further, if you kill 500,000 American children, not neccessarly mine and I have the chance to get back at you for my countries loss, I will. Call me a terrorist, but only the most terrible terrorist organization would kill 500,000 children and then admit it.

President Bush still claims that those people fighting and killing our troops, hate freedom and want to stop democracy form coming to Iraq. Well just maybe they are looking at the greatest Democracy in the world, The United States of America and they are saying to themselves we don't want a government that condones the killing of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of children.

I truely believe that all people love freedom, but right here in America I look at President George Bush as our biggest threat to our personel freedoms. I think George Bush hates freedom and he just throws that line out there to hide his attacks on ours.

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