Oh George, You Make Everything Sound So Good

by James Glaser
September 8, 2003

I thought I should stay up and write about President Bush's speech to the nation. George started out saying he requested this air time so that he could keep us all informed about Iraq and the War on Terrorism. My question is, why start now? This war has been going on for almost two years and now George wants to "keep us informed?" This is the most "Secret President" in history, he has even signed a Presidential order that keeps us from finding out what former Presidents did. Even if George's Dad dies, his family can keep his papers secret. The American people will never be able to find out what he did while he was employed by us, as President. That covers this President's papers too.

The first line in this speech that I wrote down was, "Iraq possessed and used weapons of mass destruction." I am guessing the George is talking about Saddam's reported gas attack on the Kurds. That was back in the 1980s and the gas used was made with the materials and technology we supplied. George was talking about why we had attacked Iraq this year, but he never said what happened to the Weapons of Mass Destruction Saddam was supposed to be able to attack us with. In fact I think those weapons were why we attacked in the first place.

The next line I wrote down was, "We are helping the people of Iraq to build a democracy in the Middle East." I know we have been working on the oil fields and we have picked out twenty five people to rule Iraq and that some of the people we picked are convicted felons, but building anything for the Iraqi people has been on the back burner.

Any fool would know if we wanted to help the people of Iraq, we would first get them safe drinking water and flush toilets. Next electricity would be in line. People that have kids dying because they have to drink water filled with disease, could care less about democracy. The Iraqi people had good water before we attacked and now they don't, so lets get them some safe water and electricity and then start talking to them about what THEY want to do. Remember Iraq is still the Iraqi people's country.

Next President Bush talked about the terrorists in Iraq. He said the terrorists, "Want us to leave Iraq." Well most of the people in the Middle East call those terrorists "Freedom Fighters." Just like any patriotic American would, many of those people in Iraq attacking our troops are trying to get a foreign army out of their country.

We should all remember that President Bush attacked Iraq, Iraq did not attack the United States. In this War of Aggression, we have killed thousands of Iraqi citizens and when you start killing women and children, you tend to piss off the people in the country you attacked. Think of the USA after the September 11th attack. We had people out killing Muslims or those that looked like Muslims. Can you imagine what Americans would have done if there was an invading army in our country?

President Bush went on to tell us about the twenty nine other countries that have troops in Iraq, helping us. After you count our troops and the British, all of those other twenty eight nation's troops add up to about 3 % of the total. Also every one of those countries were either paid with money or weapons for their help. Remember our foreign aid has strings attached. If those countries want more help from us in the future they better send a couple hundred troops. Of course we are paying for their trip over there and we give them new equipment and weapons.

The President is asking Congress for $87,000,000,000.00. Some of that money is for military costs in Iraq and Afghanistan, the rest will be for "new roads, new schools, and new medical clinics," over there. George didn't say that we will have to borrow this money, but we do, because he has already over spent the budget by $500,000,000,000.00 this year.

At the end of the speech President Bush said, "we must fight the terrorists where they live. Would some one please tell the President that none of the terrorists that attacked us came from Iraq? Somebody should tell the President that the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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