Washington Is Starting To Tell Stories

by James Glaser
October 2, 2003

Well to tell the truth, Washington has been telling us stories for years about what they are doing. Now they have the press helping them out. William Safire is telling America that things are really going quite well in Iraq, we just aren't hearing that story.

Safire tells about a poll conducted in Baghdad and wants us to believe that, "Despite all the hardships-- the early looting, the explosions and killings afterward, the publicized lack of power and worry about water, fear of the bands of criminals that Saddam released and of terrorists that Syria and Iran exported-- despite it all, two out of three residents of Baghdad believe they are better off today under occupation."

It seems like only last year these same people, voted 100% for Saddam as President.

The same people in Baghdad that told that poll they are better off today, lived under a totalitarian government for the last thirty years and they knew if they said something wrong, they would face torture or death.

Right now their country is occupied by the most powerful military in the history of the world. Wouldn't you think answering questions by the country that has that military watching them, tend to slant their answers? We have already sent over 10,000 Iraqi citizens to jail. The people are living in fear for their lives and freedom. They are going to tell us anything, they think we want to hear.

Yes. We are better off, please don't arrest me.

Safire is not the only one telling stories about Iraq and soon the whole Washington Establishment will be saying how nice it is in Baghdad. They now talk about how all the schools are open. They are, it is just that many have no electricity or running water. No books or supplies after all of the looting. Many parents are afraid to send their kids to school.

If Americans are getting killed and wounded every day, how many Iraqi civilians are getting killed and wounded? Oh Yeah, we are not counting them. Would you send your child off to school in a war zone?

The President and his administration are going to tell us nice stories and try and keep the deaths of Americans on the back page. George has to make things sound good, remember there is an election coming up. Happy days are here again.

POST SCRIPT, American Deaths in George Bush's Wars

Afghanistan: One American soldier was killed and two wounded in combat. Five Soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since August

Iraq: A roadside bombing has taken the life of a female US Soldier. Two other Soldiers were wounded.

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