Thanks For Explaining That To Us George

by James Glaser
October 6, 2003

After three months of looking all over Iraq for Weapons of Mass Destruction with 1200 other people, David Kay gave his report to our government. One thing we do know for sure is that after spending 300 million dollars, he found no weapons.

Remember the tons of biological weapons and the thousands of liters of chemical weapons that the Bush administration told the world about? Well George explained all of that this week.

President Bush on Friday declared that the report vindicated his decision to go to war. Bush seized on Kay's conclusion that Saddam Hussein had a long-standing interest in catastrophic weapons. Bush said the report showed that Saddam was "a danger to the world."

Well thank you Mr. President for those words of wisdom, but it seems to me that you were saying something totally different before your War started. On March 17th President Bush said, "Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraqi regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

Remember back in May, President Bush's claim, "We have found weapons of mass destruction?" That was about some mobile labs for weather balloons the Army found and George jumped all over them before he knew what he was talking about. Surprised?

Friday David Kay estimated it would have taken Iraq five to seven years to reconstitute its nuclear program. When Bush wanted to start his war he would say anything. Remember Mushroom Clouds over American cities? How about Dick Cheney describing Iraq's nuclear program as already reconstituted?

All week the Bush administration has been talking about a 10 million dollar deal for missile components between Iraq and North Korea. Well they left one important thing out. North Korea stiffed Iraq.

So what happened? David Kay in an hour-long television interview described for the first time Iraq's $10 million agreement in June of 2001 to buy equipment from North Korea to make missiles with. North Korea never made good on the contract and refused to give the money back.

It would now seem that the "Axis of Evil" that President Bush pinned on Iraq, North Korea, and Iran might not have been that accurate. Axis Powers, one would think, would work together to destroy America. There is no doubt that Iraq hated Iran and Iran hated Iraq. The clue here is that the two countries fought a war, where hundreds of thousands were killed on both sides and the war lasted for almost a decade. These are three little countries that even with a combined "Axis" of cooperation, could not even come close to matching America's might

Today, President Bush is asking for an additional 600 million dollars, so he can send another team to Iraq to search for weapons. This new team will not finish their search until after next years election, so that Bush can say that we still don't know if there were weapons in Iraq.

What most Americans thought with this report, was that our intelligence was bad on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. George Bush says no. George Bush claims by not finding any weapons, we were right in attacking Iraq. I am not making this up. That is what the President of the United States is telling the American people.

Here is the deal. We attacked Iraq because the President told us that Iraq was a imminent threat to our nations safety. Iraq had Chemical, Biological, and were real close to having Nuclear weapons. Either we attacked them or chances were good that they would attack us.

Congress bought it as did the majority of Americans. It is now reported that 10,000 innocent Iraqi civilians (women and children included) have been killed along with an estimate of 30,000 Iraqi soldiers, many of who were young conscripts. Nobody has any Idea of how many Iraqi civilians have been maimed and wounded, but it is in the tens of thousands.

America has had over 300 troops killed and over 1500 have been wounded, with many losing limbs or their sight.

All of this because President Bush couldn't wait any longer to attack. Most of the world wanted to give United Nation's weapons inspections more time. Iraq gave a 12,000 page report stating that they didn't have any weapons of mass destruction and all the weapons they had before were destroyed. Bush and his administration blew that report off as lies. Well today it looks like Iraq was telling the truth.

President Bush did get some things done though. He got, Major No-bid Contracts for his friends and supporters and they were able to make billions off of the American tax payer.

The President has convinced Congress that as long as we are there (Iraq) we might as well stay and pour hundreds of billions more into that country, even though we are having about one soldier killed and ten wounded every day. This is too great of an opportunity for American Corporations to make a lot of money. Never mind that many of those getting these contracts no longer have their headquarters in the United States and therefore pay no taxes. They still pour money into political campaigns. See it is all working our according to the plan, and this report changes nothing.

So American Soldiers and Marines will continue to be killed and terribly wounded, but that is OK, because no one of importance has any kids over there. And gosh, there is just so much money to make. So thank you President Bush, for explaining to the American people how finding no weapons proves we were right in attacking Iraq.

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