George Is Willing To Sacrifice However Many of Our Troops It Takes

by James Glaser
October 29, 2003

"The World is More Peaceful and Free Under My Leadership"
—George Bush, October 28, 2003

America is on a daily watch for the number of Americans getting killed in combat in Iraq. Every night there is a plane load of wounded American soldiers coming home. Just yesterday four Americans were killed, over a dozen wounded. Also on the same day a couple dozen Iraqi civilians and ten International Red Cross workers were killed, along with over two hundred wounded. Makes one think our President is delusional.

George has this idea that his leadership is bringing peace to the world and that our military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq are supplying freedom for the people of those countries.

I think the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, the Philippines, Columbia, Chechnya, Indonesia, and large parts of Africa would like to tell President Bush that things are not looking up for them. There is more tension in this world since George Bush came to power, than at any time since the Cold War ended. Many countries are now trying to get atomic weapons, because they know they are the only weapon that can stop this President from attacking them.

George has a standing threat against North Korea and Iran for being two thirds of the "Axis of Evil" he talks about. That sure brings peaceful thoughts to the millions of innocent people living in those countries, as they watch what we have done and what we are doing to Iraq.

President Bush seems to think that terrorists are committing suicide attacks in Iraq, because we are fixing the electricity and water problems caused by our bombings. George now says the combat phase of his war in Iraq is over, all resistance must stop, after all he is the President!

Well it doesn't work that way George. We all wish that the Iraqi Resistance fighters would lay down their RPGs, and start doing as we tell them. It seems like almost every day some American is killed by a command detonated bomb buried under the road as one of our convoys goes by. Most days you don't hear of any Iraqi getting killed doing that. As long as those resisting us have the weapons to attack us with, they will continue to do so.

It took the Vietnamese over ten years to kick us out of their country and as we told the world back then, we were only there to help the people of Vietnam. If somebody comes over to my house offering help and carrying a gun, I get a little suspicious. If first they kill my wife, I can pretty well figure out they are not really there to help me at all.

We killed over a million civilians in Vietnam. On top of that we killed a half million North Vietnam Soldiers and pretty well decimated the Viet Cong, but they would not give up. George is betting that the people in Iraq that are fighting us will quit before we do.

George, these people are willing to commit suicide at the drop of a hat and our guys just want to come home. These people are defending their homeland, their wives, and children, just like the Vietnamese were. All we can do is lose more of our fine young men and women over there. Just how many Americans are you willing to sacrifice?

Already more Americans have been killed in Iraq, than in the first two years of the Vietnam War. The longer we are the there, the harder it will be to leave. We wasted over 58,000 young Americans in Vietnam because no President wanted to say we were wrong in being there.

The same can be said today, but now we know we were wrong. Saddam Hussein was not a threat to our country. Even the President now admits that Saddam had nothing to do with the September 11th attack. We have looked real hard, with thousands of people for months and we can now say, Saddam didn't have the Weapons of Mass Destruction we thought he did.

President Bush does not want to admit he was wrong and so he will keep our troops in Iraq, just like other Presidents kept troops in Vietnam. Like Vietnam our troops are going to continue to kill innocent civilians in their quest to destroy all resistance.

In that process more and more young Americans will get killed. More and more families will be destroyed. More and more service men will be maimed, and many will suffer with the guilt of an unjust war, for the rest of their lives.

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