They Say We Can't Leave, I Say, What Difference Does It Make?

by James Glaser
November 5, 2003

It doesn't seem to matter if you were for the war in Iraq or against it. Today everyone is saying we have to stay there and "fix" Iraq. I don't think we can fix that country. Maybe the United Nations can or maybe a group of other countries can, but not us.

Believe it or not, the Iraqi people know that Saddam was our friend for years and all those years that he was raping and killing his people, he was our friend and we stood by and did nothing. The Iraqi people are not dumb, they know that our hands are full of their blood.

Does anyone really think that the people of Iraq are going to stand by the government we force on them? Anybody we put in is going to have puppet written all over them, even if they aren't. The Iraqi people's trust of America is not very high right now.

We have been bombing Iraq for over a decade and those people know it. Our sanctions on their country for the last twelve years contributed to the death of over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five. Maybe the American public has forgotten that, but those parents have not and they have the proof. An American Secretary of State admitted that we killed those kids and said "it was worth it."

If we leave now, all hell will break loose and a civil war will start right away. If we wait a year or two before we leave, then all hell will break loose then and a civil war will start.

If we wait to leave or wait until the American public can no longer stomach our troops getting killed or wounded, we will have spent many more billions of dollars we don't have and we will have lost many more fine young Americans. We are losing over one a day now and reports of wounded per day are from ten to twenty. We don't know how many Americans are getting wounded because George Bush thinks that is a National Security Secret and won't tell us.

If we left today, sure Iraq would turn into chaos, but it will later too. We leave now and we can still go down in Iraq's history books as liberators, we wait and we make those same books as the hated enemy that tried to take their oil

We can right now Cut, Run, and Win or we can stay and lose big time. Washington keeps telling us about troops building schools and paving roads. If you are foolish enough to think that our troops are setting down their weapons and picking up construction tools that they have no training for, then you are foolish. Our troops are scared and are holding on to every weapon they can get their hands on.

What do you think happens when a convoy gets attacked. I think if our guys have any training or brains at all, they are opening up with everything they have and if Iraqi women and children are in the way, sorry. That is why our Generals tell us we don't do body counts.

War is hell and George has sent our troops to hell. The longer we stay, the more friends or potential friends we lose. We can't win this one and Iraq has to build its own government. No matter how good our intentions are, Iraq belongs to the Iraqi people and they have to do what is best for them and they will after we leave. We have given them the tools needed to form a real government. We got rid of Saddam, we gave them a taste of freedom (Which is Addicting) and we have passed a bill to give them the money to rebuild.

Lets go home now!

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