What Ever Happened To Homeland Security?

by James Glaser
December 3, 2003

As far as I know we are in a permanent Code Yellow alert about a possible terrorist attack. I have no idea of what Code Yellow means, and no place in the mass media are we told what color level we are at on a day to day basis.

There have been many reports that tell us that the American people have no idea of what the color coded alerts mean or what they should do if the alert level changes. This makes no difference to those in charge in Washington, they keep right on spending that Homeland Security money. That fact is a tip about the reason we have a Department of Homeland Security.

In a recent report by The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) it said that net immigration to the United States rose dramatically by 1.4 million in each of the past two years. About a half a million of these were listed as illegal aliens.

In that same report it is said that if the numbers remain unchanged, this decade will mark the most massive wave of immigration in American history, with 45 million immigrants. That will be about 14% of the country's total projected population in 2010. Nations can only absorb so many new people before severe problems start. We don't know what will happen here, because we have never let in this many people.

Last year we set up the biggest branch of the Federal Government our nation has ever seen with new Department of Homeland Security and since then, 500,000 illegal people have moved into our country. Does this make sense? Are all of these people looking to clean motel rooms or could some of these people be out to harm America? of 1 percent of these aliens equals 2500 and if only that small fraction were up to no good, we are in big trouble.

It would seem to me that Homeland Security would have to involve protection of our borders. It is common sense that we should be making some sort of attempt to stop people from breaking our laws by coming here without the proper legal paper work. I am not saying immigration is wrong, but I am saying we have to know who it is we are letting come to our country. That is our right and it is the duty of the federal government to protect or country from this invasion.

Invasion. Is this an invasion? Yes, without a doubt it is, remember we invaded Iraq with less than a hundred and fifty thousand troops and it is now estimated that we have any where from 9 million to 12 million illegal aliens living in our country.

Some how I would think that those people protecting our Security would notice this fact and do something about it. Millions and millions of illegal people here and Washington fails to notice.

When those that voted to spend billions of tax dollars on Homeland Security run for office next year, you might like to question them on what they think they are doing to protect us?

Like I said, I am not against immigration. I do however think that these illegal aliens make many Americans distrustful of our legal immigrants. We have Federal immigration laws that Washington should enforce. If a terrorist wants to come to the United States, all he has to do is follow the thousands that are walking across or borders on a daily basis.

In order to get this influx of undocumented people out of our country we should be deporting thousands each and every day, but we hear nothing about that. If things continue at the rate they are going, in one generation we could have 40 % of our country be new immigrants and I don't think our culture can take that. America will be a different country and it will no longer be ours or our childrens'.

We do need a Department of Homeland Security, but we need one that does something other than sending out color coded warnings.

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