It Is Time We All Say Thank You

by James Glaser
December 16, 2003

When someone joins the American Military they leave many of their choices behind. The oath you take when you join up binds you to the orders of the President of the United States and the Officers appointed above you..

It doesn't matter if you think a particular war is right or wrong, it is your job to carry out the work that the President assigns to you. In every war America has been in many of the troops think that they are on a fool's mission, but they continue to do the job they were trained for, trusting in the wisdom of those above them.

Now it is so very sad that hundreds of young Americans have died fighting in George Bush's Wars and I feel so bad for the thousands of Americans wounded. These people were hurt working for everyone of us.

I was hoping that President Bush or someone from our Congress would ask the American people to send a card or letter to those wounded veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan recuperating in our military hospitals, but they haven't. A card of thanks would be so much more than many past veterans ever received from their fellow citizens.

So, to write one of these wounded veterans address your card or letter to:

The American Red Cross
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave
Washington DC 20307

The people at the Red Cross will distribute the letters to wounded veterans.

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