The Iraqi People Are Not Ignorant

by James Glaser
December 18, 2003

It has been reported that on a per capita basis, Iraq has more people with Doctorates than any other nation on earth. The people of Iraq understand what the words "Liberation" and "Freedom" mean.

President Bush is telling the Iraqi people that we are bringing them both. Most people the world over are watching just what we are doing and it looks nothing like what George is saying.

Foreign imposed ID Cards and curfews do not look like freedom. Liberated people have the freedom of movement in their own country and having a foreign army surrounding towns with razor wire is not very liberating.

The world knows that Saddam Hussein opened up all prisons and let the worst people in Iraq out. Americans have imposed gun control and law abiding citizens in Iraq can not protect their families from these killers and rapists.

Our Army controls all media in this new "free" country and common protests are outlawed.

In this new free liberated country, American occupying troops hold people hostage, including children, in hopes of getting former officials to turn themselves in. Homes are invaded in the middle of the night and people are taken away, never to be heard of again.

The new governing council for Iraq was hand picked by America and some of these Iraqi "leaders" are convicted felons that would be taken to prison in other countries.

Like I said, the whole world is watching what we are doing in Iraq. Every time President Bush uses the word Freedom or Liberation with the word Iraq, most people feel that they are being lied to and that George Bush is stupid.

If we want to be honest with the Iraqi people and the rest of the world, then let us tell the truth. Freedom and Liberation are goals that will not be obtainable until we repair the infrastructure we have destroyed and there is security for all citizens. Only then will there be any chance for the Iraqi people to create their own government the way they want. If America creates the Iraqi government, how can we say they have any freedom?

Everyone watched as our troops protected the building that held the Ministry of Oil while the rest of the Iraqi government buildings were destroyed.

People the world over know that innocent Iraqi civilians live in fear of terrorist attacks, fear of American troops, fear of criminals and that there are now many more murders, rapes, and kidnappings than before the war started.

People the world over know that Iraq still does not have constant electricity nor do they have clean drinking water. There are still unexploded cluster bombs that kill and maim people and all the people in Iraq live with constant stress.

We are not fooling anyone about what is going on in Iraq and if we don't start being honest with the world and the American people, we will never win this war on Terrorism. Remember, this war is about terrorism, not control of oil and land. At least that is what George Bush says. Many think we are in Iraq to Liberate the oil so we get it for Free. We all know how George goofs up his words. Maybe that is what he was really talking about.

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