We Think The Terrorists Are Coming, But Don't Worry, Have A Nice Holiday

by James Glaser
December 23, 2003

WARNING WARNING The Nation is now on Threat Level Orange! Go about your business, spend money, your government is watching out for you.

It was time again for the Bush Administration to spread a little fear around the country, so that we would remember that George Bush is protecting us. There is a flaw in this plan though, nobody knows what Threat Level Orange means.

Threat Level Red is the highest and I really have no idea of what they are saving that one for. "Orange" is the second highest National Threat Level. Orange means a high risk of attack. Federal officials said Sunday that because fresh intelligence suggests Al Qaida is planning multiple catastrophic terrorist attacks in the United States, the Administration has decided to raise the threat alert status to "high-risk" or "Code Orange."

Federal officials go on to tell us that this current threat level is the greatest since the September 11th attack. Then out of the blue Homeland Security Chief, Thomas Ridge says, "I encourage you to continue with your holiday plans." He said, "gather with your family and friends."

On one hand we have the government telling the nation to look out for death and destruction at the hands of terrorists and on the other we are supposed to go on as if nothing was happening. Was all of this done to keep the nation's fear level up? We all know the economy needs this Christmas boost so we can't tell the American people to quit shopping, so they tell us not to worry, they have every thing in hand to protect us. Why on earth even mention this threat if they don't want us to change what we are doing?

The only answer is that George Bush wants to keep the "American Fear Factor" high. This has got to be a very sad election year ploy. George is the only man that can protect us, at least that is what he wants us to believe. Without an imminent terrorist threat, the Bush foreign policy and domestic policy falls apart.

If we don't have an Orange or Red National Threat Level once and awhile, what would we need the PATRIOT Act for. George Bush has to keep this War on Terrorism going strong, at least until after the election. No War and all of the prisoners in Cuba would have to be let go. No War and all of those sweet contracts would be lost by friends.

So, America is going to have an Orange Christmas and it won't be the last. George Bush and his team never want this war to end. This war is the best Cash Cow, Corporations have ever seen. I would say American Corporations, but most have moved "off shore" so they don't have to pay taxes. They can take our money and pay tax to no one. That is better than being an American Corporation.

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