Let’s Screw the Muslims Again

by James Glaser
January 5, 2006

We are, if you believe the President, a Christian country. Iraq, no doubt is a Muslim country. We attacked Iraq, and we destroyed much of it. We told the world that we were there to bring peace, freedom, and don't forget, democracy to the people of Iraq. Washington tried to paint us as the good guys, the good Christian guys, trying to help our Muslim brothers.

You know what? I ain't buying it, and neither is the rest of the world. We attacked Iraq under the first President Bush and destroyed much of the country and its infrastructure back in the 1990's. We then put an embargo on the country, so not much was fixed up by the time that George Bush's son, another President George Bush, attacked Iraq again. This time we bombed everything we missed the first time, and we went back and bombed everything that was jury rigged to work.

Oh we told the world not to worry, that the United States would fix everything back better than it was before we attacked. I don't know if that was, better before we attack this time or before we attacked the first time. Either way we were talking about a better Iraq after we were done.

It is now three years later, and we still haven't fixed up anything. Well that isn't exactly true, we have built Iraq some new prisons. We made a big show about our spending $18.4 billion on reconstruction, but a lot of that money just up and disappeared, and then we paid hundreds of millions for the Iraqi elections. Yes, I know George Bush said Iraq had free elections, but not that kind of free. We, you and I, paid for the signs, the TV ads, the travel for candidates we wanted elected (they didn't win), rent for polling places, everything, we paid for every thing. That was money earmarked for things like the electrical grid, but hey, are not more politicians better than electric lights and refrigeration?

The Washington Post reports, "In a decision that will be seen as a retreat from a promise by George Bush to give Iraq the best infrastructure in the region, administration officials say they will not seek reconstruction funds when the budget request is presented to Congress next month."

Can't you almost hear George Bush to the Muslims of Iraq... Yes we bombed your country almost back to the stone age, and yes it is true you didn't have any Weapons of Mass Destruction like I said you did, and yes, it is true you guys didn't have anything to do with the 9/11 attack on our country like I said you did, but you know what? Screw You!

That will teach those Muslim countries to not even think about hurting our Compassionate Christian Country.

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