We Won’t Let You Subvert the Freedom of Speech George

by James Glaser
January 11, 2006

President Bush has gotten away with having our country torture people. We now have prisons on foreign soil, so he can do what ever he wants to those we detain. He has gotten away with throwing American citizens in prison with no right to a trial, a lawyer, or even a charge in a court of law against them. George Bush has ordered wire taps on American citizens without a court order, and now we find that the Department of Homeland Security is opening our mail. With the Patriot Act, Washington can now search our home without notifying us, and they can even find out which books we check out at the library.

Remember George Bush has done all of this in less than five years. About the same amount of time it took Adolph Hitler to amass the same amount of power.

Now George Bush is trying to stop free speech in America. On Tuesday in a speech to the VFW, President Bush said, Americans should debate his war in a way "that brings credit to our democracy, not comfort to our enemies." It was another George Bush "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists" speech.

George claims Americans know the difference "between honest critics" and those "who claim we acted in Iraq because of oil, or because of Israel, or because we misled the American people."

Here is my honest criticism. I don't believe there is any "or" about it. I think we attacked Iraq because of oil, and Israel, and because George Bush misled the American people. I will add to that, money was involved too, big money, hundreds of billions of dollars.

If we go back to the torture bit again, President Bush said, "That's unacceptable." He was talking about the Iraqi police being "accused of committing abuses against the Iraqi people." The Iraqi police are not dumb. They look at the internet and watch television too. They see that President Bush thinks that he has the right to order the torture of people, so why shouldn't the Iraqi police believe that they have that right also? On top of that, every one in Iraq knows that Americans torture Iraqi citizens. They, like the rest of the world have seen the photographs of Americans torturing Iraqis, plus they have their own people telling them about what we have done to them first hand. For George Bush to say it is unacceptable for the Iraqi police to abuse their own people, when he claims the right to torture those same people if he feels we need to, well that makes our President a hypocrite.

In his speech to the VFW, President Bush said, "The vast majority of Iraqis prefer freedom with intermittent power to life in a permanent darkness of tyranny and terror." I don't think that excuses George Bush and his administration from the war crime of bombing the civilian infrastructure of Iraq, and if George really wanted to find out what the Iraqis were thinking, he would know that eighty some percent of them want us out of their country. With foreign troops running your country, dropping bombs on your people, breaking into houses in the middle of the night, and making mass arrests. it is hard to say that the Iraqi people have tasted any freedom since we attacked their country. Iraq has been a war zone ever since we fired that first shot, and there is no freedom in a combat zone.

George Bush has divided our country into a lot of factions. His faction wants security at any cost. George is willing to throw away our Constitution, if it means that we will do things the way he wants us to. At the other end of the spectrum, there are Americans who cherish our freedom and democracy, and believe our Constitution was set up to protect us from a government that wants to grab power. George Bush is grabbing all the power he can right now, but I believe when he starts attacking free speech, the American people will stand up and say, Stop, that is enough!!

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