Faulty Intelligence Leads to More Murders

by James Glaser
January 16, 2006

Last week we killed another 18 innocent civilians in trying to kill some terrorist. This time it happened in Pakistan, and we were so sure we had Ayman al Zawahiri, the number two man in al Qaeda. Turns out that once again we were wrong and we wasted a whole family, women and children included.

It seems about a year ago we did in a whole wedding party in Iraq, I think there were 51 killed that time... that was also blamed on faulty intelligence.

Come to think about it, the whole War in Iraq is now blamed on faulty intelligence by President Bush, No Weapons of Mass Destruction, no link to al Qaeda, and no help by Iraq for the 9/11 attack on our country. Faulty intelligence took out somewhere between 30,000 and 110,000 (depending on the estimate you believe) innocent Iraqis so far.

I still remember the time in Afghanistan that we thought we had blown Osama bin Laden away, but it turned out to be a tall poor Afghan out looking for scrap metal. Faulty intelligence again.

In July of 2002 in the village of Niazi Qala, 50 miles south of Kabul, American AC-130 gunships which employ machine guns and heavy cannons, strafed four villages, and 52 innocent civilians were killed. Seven months later the New York Times interviewed six survivors from the attack. "Ahmen Gul, a 13 year old boy with an ill-fitting plastic eye, and his 12 year old cousin, Lal Muhammad, torso crisscrossed with scars were among the survivors." And they said, "All the Americans had to do was come here and they could have seen for themselves that there were no Taliban among us." Faulty intelligence!

There have been many attacks on Innocent civilians in George Bush's War on Terrorism that have resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians. At the beginning of the War in Iraq we thought for sure we had Saddam, and we blew away a whole city block in Baghdad only to discover the block contained a popular restaurant filled with people, but not Saddam.

The United States of America knows that repeatedly we have used bad intelligence to attack a target that was supposed to hold a terrorist, but didn't. We know we have killed hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent people because we continue to trust intelligence we know has been faulty in the past.

We tell the world we regret these mistakes, but after this many mistakes, these killings become out and out murder. We are murdering people, because we want to so badly kill terrorists. We have decided that our right to kill terrorists is greater that the innocent civilians we kill, right to life.

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