Can We Handle Three More Years of Bush?

by James Glaser
January 19, 2006

I have heard it said that if George Bush could get one more term, he would be able to completely destroy the United States as we know it. George probably thought he could do it in two terms, but things have been falling apart for him ever since the last election.

George kept everything in his first term focused on his War on Terror and told the country as soon as Iraq had their election, things would be working out just fine. With a very slim election victory which once again rested on one State, (this time Ohio) Bush claimed he had a mandate.

Right out of the starting gate of his second term, George Bush tried to switch focus to domestic America by eviscerating Social Security, and that was the start of his troubles. While President Bush was working on changing a 70 year long success story, Iraq had its election and nothing changed. Americans kept dying, and every town in America had some one killed or wounded in what has become known as George Bush's War.

For the first time in Years the United States Army could not get enough recruits, and standards we lowered to the point that warm bodies we signed up. The American people started waking up, and finally figured out that George Bush was trying to dismantle the Constitution and transfer what ever wealth there still was in the country to richest segment of America.

American citizens took the time to figure out that Bush's Social Security plan made little sense, and they learned about corruption in the Republican Party. The American Library Association told the nation that the White House was looking into people's reading habits because of the Patriot Act, and Court cases reported that the President had American citizens held in prison for years without charges or a trial. Then people in the Administration, and British lawmakers started leaking information about the run-up to the Iraqi war, and how intelligence was manipulated. America saw that the reasons for going to war were false. New reasons were constantly introduced by the White House, as old ones fell by the wayside.

Now people are suing the President for authorizing the National Security Agency to spy on American citizens without a warrant. On top that President Bush has told America that he does not have to follow the laws Congress passes. George claims something called the "Unitary Executive Theory of the Presidency," allows him to do pretty much whatever he wants. The fact that almost no American has ever heard of this theory makes no difference to George Bush. It sounds good to him, and he tells the country, "trust me."

George Bush has three years left in his term, unless he is impeached. When Bill Clinton had three years left, his time as President switched from offense to defense, because Bill Clinton was trying to last out his term without being thrown out.

For the next three years George Bush will be on the defense, trying to keep himself in office. As time goes on, more and more leaks will find there way to the press and the people. More Republicans will resign due to corruption. The war in Iraq will continue on until Bush decides removing the troops is the only thing left that will give him a boost in the polls. The National debt will continue to climb and deficit spending will continue.

But, it is still only three more years, and even though we will be in far worse shape than we are now, and even though most of the world will hate us more than they do now, we can survive three more years of George Bush.

Of course there is always Iran. George might think that another attack on a pitiful small country is just what he needs to put him back on top with the American people. If George does that, these next three years are going to be very long and George just might succeed in destroying our country.

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